Decoding the blend of  Aromatherapy and Ayurveda

omatherapy combined with Ayurveda is known for centuries and help us lead a healthy life.

aking extra measures for your skin right before that important event is a task all by itself. Focusing on actually feeling great and confident about your looks can be even harder. But, that’s what is more important- training your mind, body, and soul to feel comfortable in your skin. Setting a regime to pamper it the right way. Confused?

his is exactly where science comes to our rescue.

yurveda a 5000-year-old practice has been long known to treat ailments using elementary natural ingredients. While, Aromatherapy, a relatively newer concept in town seems to be that missing piece in the big jigsaw puzzle of skin care industry. When these two revolutionary forms of alternate medicine come together, one witnesses nothing less than a miraculous therapy. Decode this seemingly odd combination of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy- the real trick to unlock that timeless beauty in you.

Essential Oils

ssential oils are extracted from parts of a plant are sourced to the therapy that enhances physical and psychological health.  Oils can be absorbed through the skin. They rejuvenate the cells as a part of their healing process. Oils do not equate to oily. So, shun those misconceptions about applying oils to the skin. They are already naturally residing in our skin but depleting as we age.

That slight discolouration you might have sometimes felt on your cheeks, and those small wrinkle lines which seem to have permanently settled under your eyes are signs of natural oil production taking a gradual stall. It is time to throw away those concealers and rather work on your skin to get that glow back. The blend of exotic oils with carrier oils work towards bringing out your real self. Essential oils penetrate your skin to rekindle your shine while carrier oils stay on the skin, moisturizing and sealing the effects of those essential oils.

Adapting to this new age therapy will help you discover true gifts of nature and fight your skin battles right alongside you like a constant guardian.






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