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Facial Oils

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    Anti-Pigmentation Facial Oil | with Turmeric & Cypress
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    Cleansing Facial Oil | with Chamomile & Apricot
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Best Facial Oils - Vedaearth

Facial Oils

The Vedaearth Facial Oil range is a unique blend of nutrient-rich Aromatherapy oils. Combined with distinctive formulations at Vedaearth, our facial essential oils nourish your skin to maintain its natural glow and youthful appearance. Made from 100% natural ingredients, our products are PETA certified. Our cruelty-free policy is the result of our belief that no beauty should come at the cost of another individual’s freedom.

Vedaearth Facial Oils

Vedaearth offers 4 facial oils that aim to treat and rejuvenate your facial skin. Laden with natural healing properties, the ingredients used in our facial oils in India penetrate deep into the skin to treat the underlying layers of your muscle tissue. Anti Pigmentation Facial Oil with Turmeric and Cypress ,Anti Ageing facial oil with Ashwagandha and Neroli Cleansing Facial Oil with Camomile and Apricot. Under Eye Oil with Lotus and Saffron

If you’re looking to buy facial oil that is the best natural face oil, choose from Vedaearth’s wide range of pure and authentic products. Vedaearth offers the best facial oils in India. The base oils used in our products are cold-pressed and approved after several stages of testing to avoid any side effects on your skin.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapeutic practice that treats various ailments with the help of essential oils extracted from over 700 herbs. These essential oils have far better assimilation properties as they are potent in nature. They have multifold healing properties and uplift your mind, body and soul.

Benefits of Using Facial Oils

The gentle skin on our face is exposed to a whole lot of external pollutants throughout the day. Coupled with our lifestyle and dietary choices, the degenerative effect on our faces increases. It becomes essential that we pamper our face with ingredients that not only provide nourishment but also minimize external damage. Regular usage of our facial oil benefits in maintaining skin health, promoting cell regeneration, and enhancing natural radiant glow for a youthful look.

You can also check our combos on skin oil for face and face washes for dry, oily, or acne-prone skin. The combos are carefully selected to provide your skin the necessary nutrients it requires. Reach out to us for a consultation if required and start your journey towards holistic wellness with nature’s guide.