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‘’Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort,
to calm, and to nurture one’s soul.’’

- Anthony Douglas Williams

Vedaearth, a brand that works intimately with nature, draws inspiration from Lotus, the Flower of Rebirth. Sacred to the Buddhist and Egyptian culture, native to India, the Lotus is symbolic to self-awakening, to be born again. Our logo, the White Lotus flower, is a representation of purity, enlightenment, eternal beauty and the potential to become perfect. It signifies our closeness to nature, our dedication to self-care. The healing, celestial sacredness of the Lotus is closely connected to its meaning of Rebirth and Resurrection. The resilient Lotus, best symbolizes Vedaearth; rooted in earth to produce the best of natural beauty.

Our's is a story of purity and finding healing from nature. We were born with a single motivating factor to bring you safe, conscious, natural healing, products, all curated to be worthy of your bathroom shelf and daily lifestyle. A holistic approach towards wellness is our driving force at Vedaearth, each of our product is bottled with clean intention and the healing essence of nature.


After searching the beauty shelves of umpteen stores, our founder Divya could not find natural products to combat her sensitive skin. Hence, she sallied forth and pursued Aromatherapy which gave her relief and results. What started off as a keen interest, slowly transpired into crafting Vedaearth products. Divya’s mother Asha played a key role towards building the brand. Together, Divya and Asha have become the connoisseurs of alternative medicine and together they started Vedaearth!

We value our source, traditions and you!

Vedaearth was born out of all things natural and kind. 'Veda', the Sanskrit word meaning knowledge and earth, the source of all living beings is what defines us. We are inspired by the healing essence and fragrance of nature. With a strong belief in alternative medicine, we have combined the trusted herbal traditions of Ayurveda and the power of Aromatherapy in a contemporary blend.

Ethical, Ecological and Economical!

A holistic approach towards wellness is central to our philosophy. We craft our products strongly upholding the healing power and the uplifting smell of herbs. Our sense of reverence for nature make our products clean, cruelty free and vegan.

While our essential oils penetrate the skin to work their wonder, carrier oils moisturize and seal its effect at the surface. Hence, our carefully curated natural oils are a combination of the best of both worlds. They just don’t work on your body but also the mind. Vedaearth products engage your senses with its soothing, invigorating, calming essence for a wholesome experience and all this with a fair price.


You would surely know by now that Nature is an integral part of Vedaearth forming our core. Inspired by nature and its powers to bring calmness, we commissioned two artists to translate natural landscapes into scenic paintings that became a part of our packaging, adding the element of nature to our physical products, all with the intention to spread nature's positivity and calmness.


We believe in a better world for all living beings. Kindness and compassion to oneself and nature is our core.


We at Vedaearth are committed to bringing to the world a better alternative to harmful products that are unkind to animals and nature. We strive to achieve this through our knowledge and understanding of nature. To be a leader in quality and grow as a company, we maintain the same authenticity, transparency and integrity we use in consciously crafting our products.