Our Story

After rummaging the cosmetic shelves of umpteen stores, Divya could not find natural products to combat the sensitive skin she was enduring. Hence, she sallied forth and pursued Aromatherapy because it gave her relief. What started off as a keen interest, slowly transpired into crafting Aromatherapy products herself. After gaining a strong belief in Alternative Medicine, Vedaearth was born.

Another person, whose journey is closely associated with and inspired Divya is her mother, Asha Dinesh. Having suffered from persisting headaches for eons, she found solace in Aromatherapy. Realizing its essence, the mother-daughter duo soon became connoisseurs of Alternative Medicine.


Our prowess lies in discovering the healing essence, that nature is bestowed with. Hence, our name is a combination of Veda and Earth, where knowledge meets nature’s bounty. With a strong belief in alternative medicine, we have combined the trusted herbal traditions of Ayurveda, with the healing fragrance of Aromatherapy

What started off as a quest, for the lookout of natural beauty products for the Dinesh family, ended up in moulding one. From sifting the benefits of natural ingredients to creating products under the guidance of qualified ayurveda and aromatherapy specialists, we have come a full circle.

Reviving ancient medicinal practices with a contemporary blend, we bring to you an exclusive range of products which are innovative and sublime, with the goodness of nature.


Our holistic approach to wellness is central to our philosophy. We craft our products, with an unwavering belief in the healing power of herbs and the uplifting aura of aromas. With a sense of reverence for nature, our products are vegan.

While essential oils penetrate the skin and work their wonder, carrier oils moisturize and seal in the effect of the essential oils at the surface. Hence, our carefully curated oils are a combination of both essential and carrier oils. They not only work on your body but also on the mind, by engaging your senses with their soothing, invigorating and calming essence.


We believe in a better world for all living creatures. To use kind ingredients from nature that protect consumers from harmful effects and to show compassion towards animals.


We at Vedaearth are committed to bringing to the world a better alternative through our knowledge and understanding of nature .To be a leader in quality and grow as a company with the same authenticity , transparency and integrity we use to create our products.