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Vedaearth Lounge

Our company started with strong belief in the trusted traditions of Ayurveda and the healing fragrance of Aromatherapy. The unison of both is what lead to VedaEarth.

We are now reviving our essence, by unearthing another facet to us. Apart from bestowing the world with miracles in jars, we have decided to sally forth and take another journey in the scape of natural beauty. We are redefining the wide spectrum of beauty services by offering them all under one roof with our own naturally crafted VedaEarth products. As at the heart of our business are our values, the products used are vegan and cruelty-free.

With carefully curated aromatic blends, we will instill a new and natural sense of well being in you. Our products and services are designed to breathe a new life into your being.

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