It’s our 2nd Anniversary. Buy any product and get a Bath Salt free on every purchase! Also avail Free Shipping on orders above INR 999.

It’s our 2nd Anniversary. Buy any product and get a Bath Salt free on every purchase! Also avail Free Shipping on orders above INR 999.

Natural ANTI- PIGMENTATION FACIAL KIT For Suntan, Dark Spots, and Pigmentation

Natural ANTI- PIGMENTATION FACIAL KIT For Suntan, Dark Spots, and Pigmentation Vedaearth

Quantity: Anti Pigmentation Face pack – 100gms + Anti Pigmentation Facial Oil – 25ml

Excessive exposure to sun and its UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin. They can cause dark patches, blemishes and skin blotches which may make you look dull. Vedaearth has a perfect combination to fight these ill effects. A Facial Pack that includes the goodness of White Turmeric and Mango Ginger. Further reinforced with a Facial Oil that includes Turmeric, Benzoin and Cypress to not only just help erase those unsightly marks, but also to keep them away. Let your face glow again. Naturally.

Totally Free from Paraben, Artificial Fragrance, Petroleum Byproducts/Mineral Oils

This product is PETA Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free, Certified by the Ministry of Ayush and Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility.

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De-stress yourself, pamper your skin with an Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack. Heal those harsh blemishes gently. With the therapeutic goodness of Mango Ginger and antiseptic White Turmeric. Feel freshened. Naturally.

Mango Ginger

Rich in Vitamin A and C, it promotes production of collagen protein throughout the body and preserves blood vessels, slowing down the skin’s ageing process. Mango Ginger is a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial. It softens your skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

White Turmeric

White Turmeric has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces oil secretion thus keeping pimples at bay. Loaded with antioxidants, it fights signs of ageing like wrinkles and pigmentation. It also helps refine uneven skin tone.


Ingrained with a fresh and woody aroma, Cypress is great for oily, sensitive and mature skin. The antimicrobial properties of this plant help in healing acne and strengthening the structure of the skin. Its tightening effect on enlarges pores help in making the skin firm.

Directions for use: Mix required quantity of pack with oil and rose water or water to make a thick paste. Apply it on face and neck and leave it on for 15 mins. Dampen face before gently washing with water. Avoid scrubbing. For best results apply daily.

Contains: 100gms Anti Pigmentation Face Pack + 25ml Anti Pigmentation Facial Oil

Great products
Hi I am using anti pigmentation face pack...since one month. It's very effective. As I had lot of sun burn and patches on my face. After using this product for 15 days continuously it's reduced and now almost it's cleared. The best products I have used till now...
Good luck Veda Earth.
Vedaearth's anti-pigmentation combo works like a miracle! I have stopped using all other face products and use only this pack as it is natural and has a very soothing effect. Also, the quantity is enough for several applications. It is my daily regime to apply this pack. Kudos to vedaearth for their amazing line of products.
Effective combination
The face pack helps dry out the acne and the facial oil moisturises, so it evens your complexion. Plus, the quantity of the face pack is so much that it lasts for months.
Krupa (misskays)
takes time but work well on reducing marks
I have used their anti pigmentation face pack. This is a combination of a powder pack and a small bottle of essential oils that specifically work on lightening acne marks. It smells pleasant and my skin has definitely started to look better. I really liked this
amazon Customer
Five Stars
Really nice product,,Just loved it
Good product
Effective product! Happy with it
Madhur Bhargava
Works Well
I'm gonna be honest... I was a bit sceptical about buying it since I couldn't find any legit reviews for it anywhere... But, the "anti-pigmentation" was too tempting for me... I have used up one kit and repurchased another... It didn't break me out, it applies on super smooth... Does leave the face a bit dry after washing it off... It did make a difference in the patches I had, esp. on the forehead... you won't see instant results, but it's worth a try for the price.
Rashi Gupta
Works Wonders
I bought this product on Nykaa, Works Wonders from the first try. Can see a visible difference on Skin and Pigmentation reduced. This Facial Oil is the Best for Pigmentation and Hyper Pigmentation.
I suffer from Hyper Pigmentation and this Oil reduced my pigmentation and bought a difference in my Skin Tone. I would recommend this product to anyone who has HyperPigmentation

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