Anti Ageing Facial Oil

Anti Ageing Facial Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

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This Geranium Essential Oil is nature's therapy to promote physical and mental wellness. This healing tonic is carefully extracted through the process of steam distillation of stems and leaves of the geranium plant. This rose-like scented oil is the best remedy for a night of self-care and undisturbed sleep.


Geranium: Antioxidant, antibacterial, boosts immunity, reduce blood pressure, protects skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Natural Benefits

Relieves stress and aids sleep.

Boosts immunity and mental wellness.

Uplifts the body and soul.  

Heals through Aromatherapy.

How To Use

Apply 4-5 drops on the face and neck with a Carrier Oil for radiant, glowing skin. Mix 4-5 drops with a Carrier oil and apply on hair for calming, immunity boosting benefits. Add 10-12 drops in water and pour it in an electric diffuser or on top of a candle diffuser for a fresh, floral fragrance and aromatic experience in your room to invigorate your soul.

Use Best With

To best boost your immunity and release stress, pair it with our Lavender Essential Oil mixed with Carrier Oil. The aromatic oils soothe your nerves to help you stay calm.

Vedaearth’s Geranium Essential Oil is extracted through steam distillation of stems and leaves of the geranium plant. This rose-scented flower is known for promoting both physical and emotional wellness making it one of the preferred essential oils for a good night’s sleep.

Like all Vedaearth products, our Geranium Essential Oil is 100% vegan, and free from all forms of animal testing. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, Parabens, Sulphates/ SLS/ SLES, Silicons, PEG/ PPG or Mineral oil/ Petrolatum.

Recommended for: All skin types.

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