Under Eye Oil

Under Eye Oil

Complete Brightening Combo

For Men & Women
Quantity:  Anti Pigmentation Facial Oil – 25 ml + Under eye oil – 7 ml
VE Natural Ingredient Quotient :

Undo the harsh impact of the sun on your skin with the Anti-Pigmentation Oil. It will diminish discoloration and help even out your skin tone. Thus improving your complexion to restore the glow of your face. Couple this, with our Under-Eye Oil to reduce dark circles and the puffiness around your eyes. Feel revived and refreshed with this combination.

Under Eye oil: If your eyes constantly look tired and haggard with dark circles and puffiness, Vedaearth presents a blend of nourishing extracts of Saffron, Lotus, and Vetiver to help put the sparkle back into your eyes. Naturally.

Anti Pigmentation Oil: Excessive exposure to sun and its UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin. They cause dark patches, blemishes and skin blotches that make you look dull. Vedaearth has a natural elixir to help reverse these unwanted marks. A unique formulation of natural ingredients that includes Turmeric, Benzoin and Cypress to help erase those unsightly marks and keep them away. It’s your moment to be back in the sun and leave a lasting impression on your admirers. Naturally.

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