Brightening Face Cream Natural Glow | With Shea Butter

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This Brightening Cream is your daily therapy for glowing skin. Infused with nature's healing ingredients, Turmeric and Cypress Oil, it helps your skin combat dark spots, blemishes and tan. It is an expert remedy to reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone for bright and radiant skin.


Turmeric: Anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti- inflammatory for clear and glowing skin.

Cypress: Antimicrobial, heals, tightens and strengthens skin, stimulates circulation by increasing blood flow.

Natural Benefits

Reduces dark spots, blemishes, pigmentation.

Nourishes skin for a natural glow.

Inspired by Ayurveda.

Goodness of Aromatherapy.

How To Use

Gently massage the required amount of the Brightening Cream, using upwards strokes on the face and neck.

Use daily after cleansing and toning skin for best results.

Use Best With

For bright, beautiful skin, Cleanse your face with our range of Sulphate-Free Face Washes and Tone your skin by spraying any of our Floral water mist's before applying the cream on face and neck.

Use our Clarifying/Refreshing Face Wash along with our Rose Water Mist if you have oily/ acne-prone skin.

Use our Moisturizing Face Wash along with our Lavender Water Mist if you have sensitive/dry/ normal skin.

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