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What to do after a tan?

After some fun summer shenanigans, it is inevitable to have great memories and tan lines. A tan unfortunately can come with sunburns and skin irritation which can be tackled easily. And for helping reduce those harsh tans, we have some tips that you can incorporate into your routine.

Why do we tan?
When soaking in the sun, not only are we absorbing some much-needed Vitamin D, but we are also exposing our skin to harmful bands of Ultra Violet [UV] radiations like UVA and UVB.

UVB attacks the epidermis or the top most layer of the skin and causes sunburns, whereas UVA penetrates deep into the skin and attacks the melanin pigment of cells thus causing discoloration.

What are the side effects of getting a tan?
A tan for some can mean a golden hue to their skin but it comes with its not-so-golden downsides. UVA penetrates the skin and damages skin cells that are connected to blood vessels and nerves. This can lower the body’s immune response and lead to more severe skin conditions like melanoma and even skin cancer. This makes it very important for one to be wary of their skin and take good care of it by applying sunscreen.

But in the aftermath of a sun-filled day, we need to first analyze the condition our skin is in. Identify if you have any sunburns or rashes on your skin because these parts need to be tended to especially.

It should be worth noting that you cannot remove a tan overnight. It needs a fairly long time to undo the damage done by UVA rays on the skin. You can reduce the visibility of a tan over due time but cannot get rid of it completely.

Homemade recipes to de-tan
For the tanned areas themselves, you can use these DIY homemade scrubs to reduce the visibility of the tan and brighten the skin -

1. For the face, you can make a mixture of lemon juice and honey in a bowl and apply it generously on the skin and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and wash it off. Repeat this for 2-3 weeks on every alternate day for best results. Lemon juice can be drying for some skin types and following it up with a gentle face cream is ideal. You can try this one from Vedaearth too!

2. Making a pack out of our trusty Multani Mitti and applying it all over the skin can help reduce tan as well. As a mixer, you can use sandalwood, rosewater, tomato juice, or any toner of your choice.

3. Another grandmother’s favorite scrub recipe requires Gram flour [Besan], turmeric, yoghurt, and olive oil. Mix these together in a bowl and scrub your entire body with them when the skin is damp. Repeat every day for a week for visible results.

4. Another super easy tan removal scrub can be made using your favourite mood uplifter; Coffee! Use the coffee grounds as a body scrub gently and help scrub away your tan.

All the above recipes can be altered according to what ingredients you have or the specific ones you want to use. These recipes are fully customizable and the addition of an Anti-Pigmentation Oil can also help.

Treating sunburns skin
For the sunburn areas, we need to proceed with caution as the skin is very sensitive in these parts. For treating the skin, begin with applying a generous amount of Aloe Vera gel on the sunburns to help reduce the burning sensation. Over time, you can start using gentle toners like Rose water mists or Vetiver facial mists to further soothe the skin.

Once the skin is no longer burning or red, it may begin to peel. It is important to not pick at your skin or peel the dead skin manually as this can lead to further irritation. Instead, use the Gram flour [Besan] body scrub to gently remove the peeling parts. This exposes raw and pink skin to you. This skin should also be protected with a generous layer of aloe vera gel till it heals completely.

Once the healing process is in motion, you can switch to an unscented and moisturizing body lotion to hydrate your skin and repair the moisture barrier.

While it may take some time to notice results, these simple remedies will help soothe your skin the right way!



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