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Understanding Winter Skincare | Moisturizing Body Washes

With winter right around the corner, any form of moisturizing becomes your skin's best friend. The harsh cold winds and the drop in temperature may result in your skin feeling dry and flaky. During these moments, you will often reach out to your trusty moisturizer but why not add a moisturizing body wash to lock in the moisture first during a shower? If you want to add a step to your routine that will keep your skin nourished, learn more about moisturizing body washes and how they are the perfect skincare addition, let’s get reading.

Why body wash

Body washes are generally easy to lather as they contain top-quality surfactants
that don’t require harsh scrubbing to be activated. They are also naturally more
appealing to the skin because they are formulated with a more suitable pH to deal with specific skin types. They contain nourishing and hydrating ingredients for dry skin whilst still being effective against dirt settled on the skin. This means that it cleanses your skin while also retaining natural moisture, keeping your skin soft and supple.

Body washes for winter.

Most cleansing products have a very high and basic pH that can be excessively
stripping for the skin. This can work for the hot summer months when skin pills and collects grime but not for winters. During the cold seasons, skin tends to sweat less; thus, dirt remains trapped in pores and crevices. Rough scrubbing using physical exfoliants like soaps can leave the skin feeling dry, cracked, and dehydrated.

With body washes, on the other hand, finding formulations that do the job of
deeply nourishing and cleansing. Depending on the requirement, these products are usually formulated with jojoba oil, shea butter, lavender, or neem for the best results. Ingredients that are known to keep your skin smooth and moisturized through the harsh cold winter breeze.

Can I replace moisturizer with body wash?

Sadly, no! Although body washes contain nourishing ingredients, your skin needs more than that for it to not get cracked in winter. Nourishing oils and butter in body lotions are formulated to give your body the boost of love needed to stay alive in winter. So always remember to follow a moisturizing routine during the winter to embrace the weather feeling nourished without any dry skin.

Why doesn't my body wash lather as much?

Chances are that you are using a body wash formulated without artificial
surfactants. It may be made using coconut or vegetable oil-based surfactants, both derived from plants. These ingredients are not as irritating on the skin and seep better through the skin layers to provide deep hydration. leave your skin feeling clean and nourished at the same time.

What body wash is best for me?

Your selection of a body wash should primarily be based on your skin type.
People with dry skin should opt for highly nourishing products; oil-prone skin people can choose relatively hydrating but not excessively nourishing products, while normal skin types can opt for mildly cleansing and hydrating formulations. But during winter, every skin requires extra hydration and nourishment; therefore, using a good moisturizing body wash and thick lotions is vital.

As a general rule of thumb, we would strongly advise you to choose gentle and
safe products for your skin. This means that a product can be vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without paraben, sulfates, artificial surfactants, silicone, and artificial fragrances.

If you are looking for a product that is made without all the nasties and gives you
the best of all the ingredients, look no further.

Try out the Moisturizing body wash from VedaEarth, a very effective mild
cleanser with skin restoration qualities. Qualities will leave your skin nourished during the cold winters.

Taking care of your skin is essential during this transition to provide it with all the
required love and care to help keep it feeling healthy and smooth.



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