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Another fundamental function that it carries on is to retain moisture and not allow the hair to get dry and damaged. When using a conditioner, it must be used in the right way to attain maximum results. Otherwise, your hair will either look too greasy or dull. So, if you want to get the most out of your conditioner, do follow these tips.

First and foremost, choose the right conditioner:
Each hair type is different and unique to each individual. You might have amazing curls while they might have naturally straight hair. One brand of hair conditioner might work on your friends but not on you. That's why you need to find one that suits your type the best. Do a bit of research and identify your hair type and a conditioner that will give you perfect results. We did some digging for you and found that the kinds of conditioners available in the market are; coconut milk conditioner, apple cider and vinegar conditioner, aloe vera hair conditioner, instant conditioners, natural hair conditioners and many more. So, go ahead and find your match.

Avoid applying conditioner to the scalp first:
Rule 1 of using a conditioner is to never apply it on your scalp first. Start from the tips and gently work your way to the roots. The tips are the oldest, driest and most damaged part of your hair. If you start at the scalp first, you might be left with oily scalp and roots.

Evenly spread out the conditioner throughout your hair:
Mornings are not for hair conditioning. Mornings are usually rushed as we hardly have time to bathe properly let alone condition. Applying hair conditioner takes time because you need to even it out throughout your head before rinsing it. Avoid dabbing it on and rinsing immediately, instead use a wide-tooth comb to spread out the conditioner as much as possible. This is highly recommended if you are blessed with thick or curly hair.

Neglecting to rinse hair properly:
Rinsing your hair in a hurry results in a catastrophe. Doing so will only lead to a build-up that would clog the hair follicles on the scalp, resulting in a number of skin problems. You don't want your hair to lose its shine right? So, take this advice: spend some extra time in thoroughly rinsing the hair so as to wash away the shampoo and conditioner completely. Tip: when you start rinsing make sure you rinse it with warm water.

Do not make the mistake of rinsing the hair immediately:
Remember our moms told us to wash away the conditioner as soon as you apply it? Don't do that. The conditioner should be left alone on the head for a minute or two to unleash its magic. A conditioner is similar to a moisturizer, they both need to be left for a few minutes to seep into the crevices of the hair shaft. After taking out all the conditioner, rinse with cold water to add extra shine to your hair.

Never skip your conditioner:
Do not make the mistake of skipping the conditioner. It is a vital component after shampooing your hair. The whole point of using a conditioner is to help in filling up the dents and crevices in your hair shaft, thereby moisturizing it and keeping it silky smooth. Every hair is different: some are straight, smooth, curly, kinky, dry, or frizzy. Hence, a different kind of conditioner is required for each type of hair. Keep a lookout for the right conditioner for your hair, ultimately you will end up with a perfect match.

Take care postconditioning:
After all the bathing rituals, do not squeeze the water out of your hair. Instead, just blot it out with a towel. It is the safest way to dry your hair out. In case you want to dry your hair quickly, do not use a blow dryer. It will defeat the whole purpose of using a conditioner. Use an air drier instead.

Consistency is the key:
Results are shown when something is done regularly. Muscles are built when you exercise regularly. Health is maintained when you follow a proper diet every day. Likewise, hair remains soft, silky and smooth when you condition it regularly, after every wash. So remember, if you want to sport luscious locks, then consistency is the key.

Now that you have the tips and tricks, there’s no stopping you from attaining the healthy, shiny and nourished hair of your dreams.
Follow these hair care rules religiously to get the results right away.



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