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The art of skincare: Less is more

Taking the right care of your skin is an art. There is no cheat sheet to it. It's a process that requires time, patience and most of all an understanding of your own skin. But this can get a little complicated with all the products out there. From brands to celebs to influencers, everyone is always recommending a ton of skin care products. If you watch a nighttime routine video you can sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of different products people use. 

It's important to remember that at the end of it all, brands just want to sell as much as possible through as many products as possible. You might not need all of it but will just end up wanting it all. People believe that the more products you use, the more effective your routine will be. You should be cautious of this belief because the results might not be what you are looking for.

Getting the skin care routine right doesn’t happen overnight but we can always start with small steps. Here are some of things you should keep in mind while implementing the less is more approach.

Sustainability in skincare

As the world tries to become sustainable and for all the right reasons, skincare is also a part of the sustainable ecosystem. The more products you buy or consume, the more bottles, plastic and clutter you are producing. When you apply the less is more approach you automatically reduce waste. 

Sustainable skincare does not only mean using less products but also choosing the right products. Being mindful of the ingredients will not only give you just what you need but can also help the environment. Choose products that are toxin free, natural and not mass produced just for fads.

Understanding what works for you

Every skin product ad you see would definitely make you feel like you’re missing a key ingredient off your routine. But here’s the good news. You get to decide what your skin needs and how much. But to do so, you need to spend time with yourself and understand your skin. Your skin is unique and has its own requirements. Once you understand its texture and problems you will easily be able to buy products which cater to your skin. 

Multipurpose products

One of the best ways to give the best to your skin while also saving money and environment is to buy products that have multiple benefits and uses. This could be using a moisturizer with SPF 30 to avoid sunscreen or a sunscreen that doubles as a good moisturizer to nourish skin. Or natural products like an aloe vera gel that you could use as a hair or skin moisturizer, as a base for face masks and a soothing hydrator.

The simple routine

You can keep your skincare routine simple while giving all that your skin needs. A basic and balanced routine involves a sunscreen, moisturizer, cleanser and any problem specific products. Anyone who tries to sell you anything extra is simply trying to sell more to you. You can read about the routine in detail here.

Don’t forget to DIY

DIY skincare routine is not only easy to do but fun! You can skip buying tons of different masks and scrubs if you just open your fridge and get some natural ingredients together. A simple google search on DIY skincare will lead you to hundreds of different recipes depending on your needs. From coffee to honey, you combine a bunch of natural ingredients for a glowing skin. 

Eat Healthy

Your skin reflects what you consume. Glowing skin is also directly affected by your food choices, something we often forget. Several essential nutrients present in foods that promote healthier skin are omega fatty acids, beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc. You can use any product you want but unless you balance it with a healthy skin diet, it's of no use. So make sure you eat your greens along with fruits and take in a good amount of water. 

While taking care of skin is an art, you can easily ace it by following these simple steps to a healthier, glowing skin.



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