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Summer Skincare basics

The sun is out and so is our summer wardrobe! Sweaters, cardigans, and jackets are tucked away for a later day and the shorts are out. Summers call for fun drinks, pool parties, and of course… a different skincare routine!

A summer skincare routine is very different from the one we might use in winters. Winter skincare is heavier and creamier in comparison with the use of creams, oils, and lotions that help nourish your dry skin but in summers, we have to deal with oily and sweaty skin. It is not very common knowledge to have a skincare routine in the first place but, you’re here and all that matters is that you make an effort to begin.

Basic everyday routine:

Essentially, your everyday routine should consist of 4 major steps: cleansing, moisturizing, protection, and preventative. Use a non-stripping face wash to clean your face every day. Top this up with a moisturizer of your choice (that fits your skin type) and lather on some sunscreen. On every alternate day, you can also look at using serums for your face. Start off by using simple serums containing niacinamide and you can see great results. With that out of the way, we now need to see how we can adapt to the summers. 

So here are some basic tips that you can follow to know more about Summer Skincare basics.

1. Hydration is key

During summers, we sweat excessively and hence lose body fluids. It is very easy to feel dehydrated in the summers and this can impact your skin highly. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and use a light moisturizer that is nourishing. Gel type and water-based moisturizers are shown to be highly comfortable and easy to handle throughout the day.  

In order to keep your skin afresh and refreshed, the usage of toners and face mists are highly recommended. Take a look at our natural Lavender water face mist to soothe your skin and aid in calming it from the harsh sun.

Fluids like coconut water, fresh fruit juices, homemade smoothies etc can also help you get extra hydration for your body along with the goodness of fruits having essential vitamins for your skin health. 

2. Don't forget to moisturize

Dry skin can cause several skin issues like psoriasis and dry patches. There are many ways to moisturize effectively. You can use thicker creams containing oils and moisturizing elements like Shea butter and oils to lather on your skin but this can be uncomfortable during the season ahead. 

Additionally, you can also use products with a lighter consistency like even Aloe Vera Gel. Our Aloe Vera Gel help with sunburns and to protect your skin against other harmful components in the atmosphere that can impact your skin barrier. 

3. Block the sun!

The scorching sun exposes you to harmful UV rays that can lead to hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, rough patches, dryness, and even skin cancer in the long run. As a preventative measure, you should use sunscreens with pia high number on the SPF [Sun Protection factor] scale; preferable 50++. This allows your skin to absorb the sunscreen and help protect against the sun’s harmful rays. 

Make sure to reapply your sunscreen once every 3 hours because it wears off throughout the day. You can reapply on top of your bare skin or even makeup without it affecting how your skin looks. You can use sunscreens without a white cast [the white tint that is left on your skin after application] for optimum results.  

4. Skip the natural tan

Having a tanned and sun-kissed skin in summer is the dream, but do you know how much it can harm your skin? A direct exposure to the sun can cause a lot of harm to your skin and affect your skin barrier. You do get your Vitamin D but the effects of it are detrimental, to say the least. 

Ditch the natural tan and instead switch to self-tanners or fake tans that you can use to get that golden glow without the damage!

5. Drop the dead skin

Although it is summer, you should not forget to exfoliate! The bacteria from your sweat can settle on the top layer of your skin and can cause infections or rashes. Make sure you use natural peels or exfoliants for your face and non-abrasive body scrubs for your body. Remember to not exfoliate more than once every week because a higher frequency than this can damage your skin. 

6. Consistency is key

It goes without saying. You cannot expect to see results in your skin with just a day or two of doing skincare. You need to remain consistent even after you achieve your desired results. After the resolution of your issue, you must work towards preventative measures for what your future may hold. 

In addition to the above, maintaining a healthy diet that incorporates fibers, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other essential vitamins for your body is essential. Adding citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables helps your skin by acting as antioxidants. Hope you have a great summer, start your skincare journey right with us and shop our products on our website.



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