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Shea Butter Soaps for this Festive Season

Shea butter is a popular skincare ingredient in most soaps, lotions, creams, body washes, and moisturizers. It is known mainly for its moisturizing properties, but it has many more benefits when paired with other ingredients. This is a little guide to what it is and how it can be helpful for you.

But first,

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a creamy, semi-solid, and complex fat derived from the nuts of the shea tree. It grows naturally in the savannahs of West Africa and is used by cosmetic, beauty, medicinal, and candle-making companies worldwide. In some African countries, it is also used in food as a replacement for butter or margarine.

Why Shea Butter?
It contains fatty acids, oleic acid, stearic acid, and vitamins A, E, and F. Oleic acid helps repair, balance, revive, and protect the skin. Stearic acid helps reduce skin inflammation and other skin-related ailments like eczema. Vitamins A, E, and F boost collagen production and skin elasticity, help with hyperpigmentation, aging, and are anti-inflammatory.

Along with these wondrous properties, Shea butter’s emollient properties make it melt at body temperature. This makes it easy to absorb into the skin and leaves the skin hydrated, making it a favored ingredient in most skincare formulations.

Additionally, shea butter is suitable for most skin types. It provides hydration and
nourishment for dry skin and doesn’t contain chemical irritants known to dehydrate and drain the moisture barrier. On sensitive skin, shea butter acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient to act against eczema, redness, dermatitis, psoriasis, and skin irritation.

A lesser-known benefit of Shea butter is that it helps soften and revive brittle hair or even style hair without damaging it too much.

How to use it?

Shea butter in its raw form is a very inconvenient product to use on the skin as it is not processed to suit skin care needs. It is then infused in products through a complicated process of formulations.

We at Vedaearth have a wide range of products like handmade shea butter soaps and face creams to suit your everyday needs. Let’s look at our soaps in detail:

1. Chamomile Geranium Soap
This soap targets dry & dehydrated skin, sensitivity, aging skin, and dullness. It
contains olive oil and chamomile, both known for helping the skin’s moisture levels and balancing the skin's pH level. Chamomile is rich in antioxidants and helps diminish scars and spots. Geranium is anti-bacterial and fights acne-causing bacteria while hydrating and tightening the skin. This, along with shea butter, provides skin with the best protection possible.

2. Basil Lavender Soap
Basil is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial that helps prevent bacteria and
removes impurities from the skin. Lavender is detoxifying, and along with shea butter, it gains hydrating properties. This soap tackles oiliness and sensitivity in the skin, which is calmed by lavender and shea butter.

3. Rosewood Geranium Soap
Using products infused with rosewood can benefit people with highly sensitive
skin. It helps revive damaged skin, and adding shea butter helps hydrate and replenish the skin. The calming and therapeutic experience of using this soap adds to the benefits derived from the product.

Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and rid of silicones. In short, it is made of all the goodness of these lovely ingredients without the harmful gunk. So they can be used by people of any skin type without the fear of skin irritation.

This makes these soaps a great addition to everybody's skincare routine. Gift your loved
ones with a bundle of wellness and luxury to incorporate into their skincare routines. It also makes for a fantastic survival kit after the festivities when your skin is in peril after all the excessive make up and sweating. So gear up for the festivities and give shea butter a spot in your daily routine!



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