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Pain Relief Oil

Winter has officially set and so have body ache and muscle pain. With every year passing, we have noticed how hard it has been for our body to cope with the new forms of diseases and ailments. As much as we want to believe that muscle pain and joint pain is associated with age, it sadly is not. Although most common joint issues like Arthritis affects individuals who are older, there still is a large number of people that get it in their 20's as they begin to lose bone density and muscle mass creating strain in their joints. And these chilly winters only exacerbate these pains by slowing blood circulation and causing constant muscle spasms.

As we grow older, along with many more worries and responsibilities, our body reaches a phase where even little activity can cause severe pain and health scares. Over time we have often witnessed how the older generation finds it hard to be active due to constant muscle pain that leads to severe discomfort and interruption to their daily life. Age is surely just a number, but for some this number has brought issues such as Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Frozen shoulder, Diabetes, Chronic joint pain and much more.

With the drop in temperature, the pain only gets worse, which makes one wonder how can you get any relief from a pain that feels so exhausting and mentally draining? Let’s get reading because we have all the answers for you.

How to relieve yourself from pain this winter?

We can answer this question in many ways:

Relief methods

Some of the best relief methods that you can use are as follows:

  • Natural remedies

Ayurveda has lived through generations as oral traditions and practices. One of the major aspects of Ayurveda is their method of massage for the body using particular concoctions of oils called Abhyanga.

If you wish to use an oil that can be used by anyone above the age of 12 for any pain, the Vedaearth Pain relief oil is a must try! It helps relieve winter arthritis pain and helps loosen up the muscles, it decreases muscle soreness & stiffness that could be a result of sports injuries and surgeries and a must have for any individual that faces bad menstrual cramps and body spasms, and. It is made using a unique blend of cypress, wintergreen and juniper berry for an extremely effective antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory treatment that loosens out the mobility of the muscle and helps decrease overall stiffness.

  • Hot and cold therapy

This type of treatment is done for either preventive or curative reasons. Hot therapy is chosen as a preventative method wherein you are made to soak in a hot bath with bath salts and aromatherapy oils for ultimate relaxation. But for cold therapy, you will be given a cold compress with ice packs and cold wraps to numb areas affected by joint pain.

  • Medication

From joint pains to period cramps - Over-the-counter painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs can be used for moderate to severe pain levels. Although they are comparatively safe to use, consult a doctor to identify the optimum dosage for your pain levels.

  • Fitness routine

One of the best ways to work your joints and your abdomen region is to exercise them frequently. Doing low-impact aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, or swimming can help immensely. Another great way to keep yourself active is to practice yoga and do stretches regularly.

You can incorporate shorter routines of these activities in small chunks. For
example, a 10-minute jog around the block can act as a warm-up for a 20-minute bicycle ride, and a 15-minute stretch session can help flex your joints and crack your bones the right way!

  • Medical intervention

If you have access to any healthcare professional who can help you alleviate your pain symptoms, it is absolutely worth the shot! Regular sessions with a physical therapist can help you understand the strengths and limits of your body that you can explore. You will be taught a wide range of exercises using simple household items like a squishy ball, pillow, or short tool for you to practice by yourself at home. This can help your body feel more relaxed while simultaneously working on regaining your strength and endurance.

  • Diet additions

Joints need lubrication to move freely, which is derived from naturally fatty and oil-secreting foods. These include nuts, seeds, mustard greens, arugula, kale and purplecabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli. Cooking everyday dishes with olive oil is alsobeneficial as it is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

So while you add these changes to your day to day life, also feel free to add us onto your cart so you can have a pain-free winter with our all purpose Pain Relief Oil that is the perfect product to reduce inflammation and provide flexibility to your joints. It is a magical pain relief portion in a roll on giving you instant relief from all sorts of muscle pain!



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