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January Blossoms with face mists

The rough and dry climate of the harsh winters ought to dry out our skin. At this time, the skin needs a lot of hydration. Using a very thick moisturizer can leave the skin feeling greasy and oily. In this light, we look to use facial mists that can provide the extra boost of hydration. Facial mists or toners help revive the skin and make your skin glow like never before.

A new year calls for a fresh beginning and what new way to ring in the new year than to work on yourself. Take this time to work on your skincare routine for yourself and give yourself a few minutes during the day to set your intentions for the day and give your life a refreshed mindset 

1. As a refreshing mist

Hot summer days can make one sweat immensely under the scorching sun. This leads to a lot of sweat and grime build up all over the face and neck. The outermost layer of the skin can be rinsed and cleaned using rose water itself. For this, you can spritz your face with some cool rose water. This will help your skin feel awake, refreshed and energized. Facial mists and toners are usually formulated with a very watery base which makes them super lightweight on the skin.

2. As a toner

Toning using a toner or facial mist helps remove oil, dirt and debris from the skin
that the cleanser has missed. It has astringent properties that help maintain its delicate pH balance when cleaning the skin efficiently. Pour a few drops of rosewater on a cotton round or reusable cloth pad and swipe all over the skin. If you wish to use your hands, pour a little on your palms and dab all over the face and neck.

3. As a face pack mixer

Use a few teaspoons of rose water to mix in your favorite powder face packs of
gram flour or multani mitti for a refreshed look. It also gives your skin an everlasting glow and helps brighten dull and dehydrated skin.

4. As a primer

Rose water helps to cleanse the skin and cleans out all the dirty pores. This leaves your skin prepped for any makeup. Your skin feels hydrated, looks bright and is protected from the salinity of excess sweating. Your skin texture feels smooth and it helps even your skin tone giving you an impeccable base to beautify!

5. As a makeup remover

Crazy right? It acts as a primer AND a makeup remover! Rose water works as a
great cleanser when mixed with an appropriate oil. It works on removing the toughest of makeup products without being too hard on your skin. Mix 1 tbsp of rose water with around 1 tbsp of coconut oil or almond oil and rub in circles over the face. Watch the makeup melt away and wash off as regular.

6. As a puffy eye cure

Under eye puffiness can be caused due to many reasons like allergies, stress, eye fatigue and lack of sleep. This puffiness is caused by fluid accumulation and can be combated with a cold compress mainly. Here, rose water helps by reducing redness with its anti-inflammatory properties and thus also reduces swelling.

Make yourself a cold compress by soaking a cotton round or small cloth in rose water and freezing for a while. Pop it out of the fridge and directly place it under your eyes for a relaxing time.

Facial mists can be used in any way that you like and deem fit; be it as a toner, primer, cleanser, etc. Incorporate our Vedaearth Rose Water Face Mist into your daily routine to help restore balance after the intense festivities and harsh climates. Feel refreshed as you step into this new year with the goodness of rose and everything 



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