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Say hello to winter! It’s time to welcome all things wonderful, romantic and cosy.

Blow, cough, itch… but if you are not careful, it’s not always wonderful.

Like summer seasons, winters can be wonderful and distressing at the same time. Dull, grey skies, runny nose, phlegmy coughs, chapped lips, scratchy and dry skin make winters miserable.

Skin gets most affected during winters. The drop in temperature causes air to turn cold and this makes the skin dry, itchy and irritable. When indoors, your heaters can also rob your skin of its moisture, making it dry and flaky. But with good care and great products, soft and supple skin even during winters is very possible.

Here’s how you can say hello to soft, well-nourished skin this winter:

Stay hydrated:The cold season strips your skin of its natural moisture. Water is the best natural drink to replenish your skin and body. You may be tempted to drink hot water due to the cold. However, avoid hot water and go with lukewarm or room temperature. This will help to lock the moisture inside your skin.

Say ‘No’ to long-duration hot baths or showers:The natural thing to do in winters is to take a bath with very hot water to beat the cold outside. Like the swimming pool effect, once in, you don’t feel like stepping out. It is very comforting to take a long bath with hot water during winters. The fact is, hot water makes the skin very dry. In addition to reducing the time you spend taking a hot water bath, you can also add a few drops of essential oils. Essential oils like lavender not only help to keep the skin supple but are also wellness oils providing much-needed aromatherapy for the stressed mind.

Reduce exposure to heaters:Like hot water baths, heaters can be very comforting in the cold weather. However, they cause the moisture to evaporate from the skin, making it extremely brittle after continuous exposure. Turn off the heater in between or use a room humidifier to keep your skin and nasal membranes moist.

Skin care with 100% natural products:Our skin begs care in the cold season. Pamper your skin a bit more in winters with natural skin care products like cleansers, toners, and moisturisers. Products that have chemicals can be harsh and over a period of time, may actually end up damaging your skin. 100% natural products that are free from parabens not only help to remove dirt and grime, but also help to hydrate skin. We highly recommend that you use natural moisturisers immediately after a bath as moist skin is most receptive to absorb nourishing creams. Choose organic and natural oils or rich, creamy body butters with a light fragrance. While they work to heal your damaged skin, the aromatic smells have a relaxing effect. In winters, it is not enough to apply body lotion just once a day. Once more during the afternoon and once in the night, just before going to bed will help to work the magic. Applying body lotion at least twice a day is a must.

Protect yourself with sunscreen:It is easy to think that you can do away with sunscreen in winters. The fact is that the winter sun can be equally harmful because skin-ageing UVA (Ultra Violet A) rays are present in equal strength all around the year. Exposure to the sun even during winters may lead to hyperpigmentation as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use a good sunscreen during the winter season as well. In addition, use a good Anti-Pigmentation Facial Oil regularly. Anti-Pigmentation Facial Oils that are 100% natural and free of parabens, mineral oils/petrolatum, sulphates, SLS, SLES, etc., and are 100% vegan will be effective and gentle on the skin.

Winter care includes health care, body care, and skin care. A good diet and clothing protection will help to prevent colds and aches that are usually experienced in winters. It also goes without saying that both internal and external nourishment is essential for healthy, glowing skin. Stay hydrated. Eat healthy and pamper your skin with natural products.

We hope these tips will help you to welcome the winter season with confidence.



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