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Dear Customer, Please expect delayed deliveries due to COVID related restrictions across certain states. We are working to get your order delivered at the earliest. Please call +91 96060 88834 for queries. Avail Free Shipping on orders above ₹ 999.Blog | Our Story | Spa My Cart OFFERS SKINCARE HAIRCARE BODYCARE MAKEUP WELLNESS SPA Home Blog VE Beauty How to Get Rid of Your Dark Circles Naturally? How to Get Rid of Your Dark Circles Naturally? HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR DARK CIRCLES NATURALLY? How to remove dark circles under eyes remedies and treatment How to Get Rid of Your Dark Circles Naturally? There are various reasons for developing Dark Circles around the eyes - Medical Reasons, Poor lifestyle habits like disruption in sleepcycles, excessive screen time can be major aggravators. We wish to shed some light on the causes of dark circles & how to effectively prevent it through the use of natural wellness products Dark circles are unappealing to look at. Though there are some medical causes for it, poor dark circles around the eyes. We will shed light on how you can effectively prevent dark circles using natural wellness products and let your eyes shine with confidence. Every time you disrupt your sleep cycle or work overtime, you start dreading the appearance of dark circles. Uniform skin complexion is a sign of healthy skin. Dark circles around the eyes are caused by a number of factors and present themselves mostly below the lower lid. Dark circles around the eyes can be prevented and controlled through the healing properties of Aromatherapy. Uniform skin complexion is a sign of healthy skin and the remedies mentioned in the blog below can help you achieve that flawless skin. We will highlight what causes dark circles under the eyes, suitable treatment and some age old home remedies that are proven to be effective in preventing dark circles. We will share the best under eye cream and other solutions for treating dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines. The goodness of Aromatherapy has numerous remedies that can effectively reduce the dark patches around your eyes and help you achieve flawless skin. At Vedaearth, we follow the same principles and aim to capture nature’s healing benefits in a bottle for you. In this blog, we will talk about what causes dark circles under the eyes, their suitable treatment, and age-old home remedies that are effective in preventing dark circles. We will also briefly discuss the best under eye cream and other solutions for treating dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines. What causes Dark Circles under the eyes? There are several factors that affect the delicate skin around your eyes and lead to dark circles. Explained here are some of the most prominent dark circle causes: There are several factors that affect the delicate skin around your eyes and lead to dark circles. We have broken down some of the most common dark circle causes: Age With age, the damages experienced through external factors show visible signs on your skin. With time, your skin starts losing its elasticity and becomes frail. It gets thinner with age, gradually losing the collagen and fat that is required to maintain elasticity. Following the same principle, the delicate skin around the eyes makes the already dark blood vessels below the skin become more visible. This creates a shadow underneath and makes the skin look darker. Choose natural anti-ageing facial creams that boost collagen production and repair skin cells. Fat and Collagen are extremely crucial to maintain skin elasticity. Age related skin damage as a result of external factors makes the skin very thin and frail. This causes the delicate skin on the face to appear duller with creases or wrinkles. Since the skin around the eyes is especially sensitive and delicate, dark blood vessels make the skin visibly darker. A shadow is created underneath the eye causing a raccoon like dark appearance. Choose a natural anti ageing product that boosts collagen, repairs skin cells and maintains supple, nourished and youthful skin. Sun Exposure Excessive exposure to the sun leads to the overproduction of melanin, the pigment that provides colour to your skin. The harmful UV rays of the sun also have a damaging effect on the face. Both these factors are responsible for the dark under eyes. The increased melanin production in the body also results in face pigmentation that further enhances your dark circles. Regularly applying natural anti-pigmentation face creams can help treat this concern. Excessive sun exposure leads to the overproduction of melanin, the pigment that provides colour to your skin. Coupled with the harmful UV rays can lead to skin damage which is also a huge contributor to dark under eyes. Increased melanin production also results in pigmentation of the face apart from around the eye area further enhancing your dark circles. Regular usage of a sun screen and applying natural anti-pigmentation face creams can help control, prevent and treat these avoidable concerns. Genetics Dark under eyes may be a result of your hereditary condition. This inherited trait can be visible during early childhood. It may gradually get aggravated with age or, it might even disappear with a proper skincare routine. Hereditary Conditions play a significant role in causing Dark under eyes. This is an inherited trait that appears during early childhood which can gradually get aggravated with age. But this is a completely reversible condition which can be treated through lifestyle changes, and a proper skincare routine. Underlying Medical Issues There are various underlying medical conditions like thyroid disease that may cause dark circles and bags under the eyes. If your dark circles are beyond control, visit a doctor at the earliest. They may help eliminate the chances of any underlying health condition. Hypothyroidism and other underlying medical conditions can also cause dark circles and bags under the eyes. It is imperative to treat the root cause of the issue without which you will be unable to see results despite usage of any topical applications. It is also advisable to consult your doctor for treatment of these underlying medical issues. How to Treat Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? In this section, we will be introducing you to some simple yet effective practices for dark circles treatments: Cold Compresses A cold compress relaxes the blood vessels around the eyes, successfully reducing the swelling and shrinking the vessels. Take a few ice cubes, wrap it up in a clean piece of cloth and gently apply this under your eyes. You can also add any cooling gel like aloe vera or soothing essential oils like peppermint oil to the cold water and apply it to your eyes. This aids in reducing dark circles and bags under your eyes. Adequate Rest Ensure you get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every day. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can make your face appear pale, thereby making the dark circles look more prominent. Use a few drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil in your bathing water or on your pillow. A calm mind will help you wake up refreshed. Facial Massages Use the tips of your fingers for a relaxing facial massage with a facial cream, paying special care to the dark circles around your eyes. This promotes blood circulation around the eyes, reducing under-eye circles. Choose moisturizing creams that contain cooling ingredients like aloe vera and turmeric extracts. Under Eye Oils/ Creams Under-eye oils or creams provide additional nourishment to the delicate skin around your eyes. They help maintain skin elasticity and prevent the onset of wrinkles. Use the tips of your fingers to gently apply an under-eye cream to encourage blood circulation in the vessels below the skin’s surface. Natural Ingredients to Get Rid of Dark Circles A Uniform complexion t is a sign of healthy skin and proper blood circulation. Our experience curating natural skincare products has helped us come up with some potent ingredients that are effective in reducing dark circles under the eyes. Mentioned here are some of the most beneficial botanical elements relevant to how to remove dark circles: Lotus - A great exfoliating agent, lotus tightens the skin and helps provide firmness. Use lotus based products for a great effect. Saffron - A natural anti-inflammant, saffron helps brighten the skin around your eyes and helps keep it hydrated. Vetiver - Widely used herb in aromatherapy, vetiver is effective in regenerating skin, maintaining elasticity and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Chamomile - Its antioxidant properties help boost inner glow, fights free radicals and slows signs of ageing. Licorice - Another beneficial ingredient, licorice helps lighten dark circles around eyes, prevents hyperpigmentation and reverses sun damage. Cypress - An antimicrobial element, cypress promotes blood circulation and strengthens skin. Turmeric - A natural medicine, turmeric is revered for its antibacterial as well as brightening properties. Rosewater - A natural toner, rosewater helps lock in moisture and soothes redness around the eyes. These ingredients can be used in different formulations depending on your personal skin goals as well as the intensity of your dark under eyes. Ensure that your eye creams contain some of these ingredients in potent forms. Devoid of any side effects, these natural healing herbs will remove your dark circles in no time, leaving your skin radiant and flawless. Vedaearth’s Under Eye Care Vedaearth’s skin products are a rewarding blend of 100% natural and chemical-free ingredients. Formulated using alternative therapeutic practices like aromatherapy, our skincare product range helps you achieve natural wellness and radiance. If you are affected by dark circles, Vedaearth’s Under Eye Oil has just the right formulations to treat your skin condition. Enriched with lotus and saffron extracts, it alleviates dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. It regenerates your skin, leaving it refreshed, well-rested, and supple. Not just that, the roll-on massager helps in depuffing your under-eye bags and reduces inflammation. Check out more such wellness products on our website. ← Previous Next → VE COMMUNITY Join our mailing list to be a part of the self-care collective! 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