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Hair Conditioner - Perfect Winter Care For Your Hair

Simple winter hair care includes three steps: shampoo, conditioner, and oiling. During winters we often start opting for hair care products that add shine and moisture like a moisturizing shampoo, hair mask, serum etc. Among these, the most frequently skipped is conditioner. Even though conditioners lock the moisture in your hair, they sadly have a bad reputation for causing excess oiliness, which is not true at all. Let’s bust this myth and see their wide range of uses, and how essential they are during the winters. Keep on reading to understand why and how to use it in the best way!

What is a conditioner?
A conditioner is a moisturizing or nourishing product used on the hair after shampooing it to revive lost moisture. Some shampoos are extremely stripping and can damage the moisture barrier on your scalp. Our scalps produce natural oils called sebum that get dried up because of certain shampoos. To restore this balance of moisture, we need to use a conditioner.
The main difference between shampoos and conditioners is that shampoos are formulated to deep cleanse and remove excess dirt, but in this process, sebum also gets removed, leaving the scalp feeling dry and brittle. On the other hand, conditioners are usually formulated with oils, humectants, surfactants, and butter which replenish this moisture balance. This moisture needs to be revived irrespective of your hair type because all hair types require nourishment.

How does a conditioner work?
When your hair hasn’t been washed for a while or when it has dried up, the outermost layer of cuticles on hair strands is misshapen and roughly placed. This leads to them getting weaker, and this leads to hair breakage. The surfactants present in conditioners smoothen this surface and help fix the misshapen cuticles. This helps protect the strands and gives them a silky, smooth, and stronger texture.
Conditioners can help with a variety of hair issues like:
1. Dry hair
2. Hair prone to breakage
3. Split ends
4. Lack of hair growth

Types of conditioners
There are majorly two types of conditioners based on their formulas and consistency; everyday and deep conditioners. Deep conditioners are not made for everyday use but can be used weekly once. They provide intense hydration and restore the moisture barrier almost immediately. This is not suitable for people with mostly oily hair. Everyday conditioners, as the name suggests, can be used daily and provide ample nourishment without excess oil build-up. The Vedaearth Hair conditioner for daily use is a great example of this type of product. Infused with chamomile and coconut milk, this conditioner targets dry, rough, weak, lifeless, damage-prone, and brittle hair to revive and protect it from
further damage. Coconut milk is rich in lauric acid that tackles dryness, and the antioxidants in chamomile soothe hair texture from potential irritants. Our conditioner enhances natural luster and shine, leaving your hair healthy and happy. The winters are made for moisture and nourishment and our conditioner does exactly that! It not only revives damaged hair but also makes you feel fantastic as you experience a good hair day. Our conditioner is suitable for all hair types as it is not excessively oily or stripping. It is formulated without parabens, silicons, artificial fragrances, and mineral oil, making it much more
special from a formulation standpoint.

So give the old conditioner another shot and make them a part of your hair wash routine because hair care cannot be compromised on anymore and the winters always call for everything moisturizing!



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