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But like any chemical-based treatment, colouring and dyeing hair the one time, or even regularly, can cause a lot of long-term damage. Bleach and permanent hair colour contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and sensitisers such as PPDA. All these cause hair to become brittle, increase hair breakage, and also cause allergic reactions.


So yes, you’ve made mistakes with your hair in the past. But now, why not ensure your hair doesn’t dry out, remains soft and strong, and keep bad chemicals away? Here are some ways to battle dryness caused by hair colour.

  1. Homemade Hair Masks (Repair): Hair leave-in masks made with natural ingredients are not just tales from our mothers; they are an excellent way to restore moisture to your hair follicles. Prior to a hair wash, combine the ingredients for the mask, apply it directly to your hair, and rinse off with cold water and a sulphate-free shampoo for optimum results. Vedaearth recommends a leave-in mask made with natural chemical-free solid coconut oil and a few drops of Vedaearth’s lemon essential oil.
  2. Tail Maalish! Tail Maalish! (Retain): While damaged hair can be repaired, retention is also key. As children, we would run away from our mothers when the big herbal hair oil bottle came into view. It’s actually good for you! A long relaxing hot oil massage reactivates your follicles and improves circulation to give you lush shiny hair. For the oil massage to work at its best, heat up the oil, leave it in overnight and wash right away the next morning. Vedaearth recommends its Palma Rosa Anti-Hairfall Oil as the perfect remedy. Always remember: iss champi main bade bade gun!
  3. Silicone Dimethicone = No NO! (Prevent): This hard-to-pronounce chemical compound is a prime (and harmful) component of colour protection shampoos. It blocks essential oils and other moisturizing ingredients from penetrating the hair shaft, because it’s a non-water soluble silicone. It takes a lot of hair products, ones with even more chemicals, to get rid of silicone dimethicone. So be aware and stay away!

It’s a challenging journey to restore hair and make it soft and shiny again. But the effects of hair colouring don’t last forever. So chin up, mask on, and let’s rejuvenate those locks!



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