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Guide to reducing hair fall during winters

Winter is the season for warm soup, hot chocolate, and covering up with warm sweaters or blankets. But because of the excess cold, skin and hair tend to get dry faster. Skin starts to chap, and you suddenly start experiencing a lot of hair fall as well. This is pretty common because hair and scalp problems are higher in winter due to the lack of moisture in the air making our hair super weak and unnourished. So what can you do to save yourself from this hair loss? Well, we have some ideas for you!

Why does hair fall in winter?

During winter, the air is very dry outside; thus, all the moisture is stripped off the scalp.This dryness leads to dandruff, hair breakage and even split ends. When hair becomes weak, it naturally gets prone to breakage and, thus, excess hair fall.

What can I do about it?

Many treatment and preventative methods are suggested on the internet for everybody to use. Here are a few easy things you can do to keep your hair happy and healthy!

1. Oiling.

We know you’ve heard this a bunch of times growing up, but oiling actually works. Oiling your scalp provides it with complete nourishment and protection from all the heat and damage. Take an adequate amount of our Anti-Hairfall oil for your hair and apply it evenly throughout. Massage it onto your scalp in a circular motion and ensure that you apply to your ends as well. Let your scalp take it all in for at least 2 hours and rinse off with a mild shampoo that is nourishing and gentle to your scalp.

2. Please, no Hot water!

As much as a hot water bath makes you feel warm and calm on a cold winter day, keep your hair out of it! Hot water only makes your hair feel drier after it is already moisture-ridden because of the weather. It removes natural oils from your hair, making it frizzy and difficult to manage. Scalding water temperatures also greatly affect your hair texture and volume.

To avoid all this, try to use lukewarm water to wash your hair. To test this, dip your elbow in the water to see how bearable it is. Treat your hair with a not-very-harsh and rough hair care routine. Exclude excessive scrubbing or scratching when shampooing.

3. Keep your styling products away.

Need we say it again? Styling products like straighteners, curlers, crimpers, etc dry the hair out completely, and this, added with the other factors, can potentially ruin your hair. Rock your natural look this season, and if your hair needs to dry quickly, use a blow dryer in the cold setting. It will take a little longer than usual to dry your hair but the results will be worth it!

4. Add fat to your diet!

By this, we don’t mean cheesy burgers or fatty food, but more so healthy fats. These foods include almonds, avocados, dark chocolate, chia seeds, extra virgin olive oil, and plant-based greek yogurt. All these foods add to the extra nourishment your hair and skin need. The fats that are present in this list are actually good for your heart and contain vitamins essential for safe-keeping our luscious locks.

5. Moisturizer!

Last but not least, moisturize your hair. Dry skin needs to be moisturized, and so does dry hair. One of the best ways to ensure hydration is by using nourishing hair masks and oils. Here is a DIY mask that you can use to hydrate your hair:

(a) Aloe Vera

Use the good old aloe vera gel on your scalp as a normal hair mask and wash off as regular. You can use our Multipurpose Aloe vera gel and apply it evenly on
your scalp.

In conclusion, it’s always good to use a tried and tested technique that has worked for centuries: Oil. Well-refined and processed oils help nourish hair and revive dull and dry hair. If you are looking for a hair oil that tackles hair fall, try our Anti Hair Fall oil. It is formulated with French Rosemary and Palmarosa that help moisturize your scalp. It enhances new hair growth by increasing blood circulation and helping seep vital vitamins and minerals deep into the hair roots. The oil will stimulate your scalp and ensure bouncy and shiny hair for you to enjoy your winter!

Keep your sweaters close and our Anti-hair Fall oil closer this winter season to have healthy locks. Your hair will thank you for it!



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