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Face Toners & Mists: Why & How They Are A Boon For Your Skin

Every single skincare kit we see on beauty shelves comes with three steps: a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. We know what a cleanser and a moisturizer do, but how much do we know about toners?

We can think of toner as the link between cleansing and moisturizing. A toner helps to refresh the skin without stripping the skin off moisture. Primarily, its purpose is to restore the pH of the skin after the balance is distorted by cleansing. It is also used to remove any excess dirt that may have been left as residue on your skin even after cleansing. So no, a toner is not supposed to sting, burn or make you feel uneasy after usage contrary to popular belief.

One of the most famous toners used in households commonly is rose water for the face. Rose water has many benefits like anti-inflammation but there are chances of skin irritation and redness caused due to fragrance.

Because of this, skeptics debate whether toners are actually useful or not. A lot of people still believe that toners are not useful just like face mists. But dermatologists say that according to the ingredients present in these products, they can be highly beneficial for the skin in many ways.

A toner prepares your skin to absorb any serum or moisturizer that you will apply after this step. It cannot replace a cleanser but can only act as a supporting actor with the step. Toners can be formulated with ingredients that are suitable for your skin type - Hydrating ingredients for dry skin and cleansing ingredients for oily skin and normal skin.

Facial mists on the other hand can help your skin feel fresh after a long day or at the start of your day to give you an energy boost. It can also add a boost of hydration to your skin and often can be used interchangeably with toners.

A lesser-known fact about facial mists is that they can be used to prep the skin for your makeup or even to set the face after a whole make-up look. It will help your skin look glowy and give you the gen-z famous dewy skin effect without using any fancy products.

New age toners are infused with ingredients specific to your skincare concern like acne, and dullness, and to improve skin texture.

One of the most effective natural ingredients that are used in skincare is a bitter orange flower called Neroli. The oil from the flower sap is extracted using a careful process of steam distillation and used in skincare products. This oil has many proven benefits like reducing scarring, smoothening wrinkles, refining pores, firming skin, and revitalizing skin. This ingredient in a lightweight formula such as that of a facial mist can add an extra boost of hydration.

Another wonder plant that is used in our facial toners is Vetiver. This plant root has high astringent properties that are also beneficial for pore tightening and reducing oil production. All of these qualities of the Vetiver Facial Toner make it the perfect aftershave product for men.

Lavender and Tea tree are both used to combat acne and purify the skin. Some of the targeted aids are eczema, oiliness, acne, and activate supple skin.

All of these ingredients can do wonders for your skin if used correctly. Spray the mist around 9-10 cm away from your face and spritz a few times on your face and neck area. Ideally, you can soak a cotton road or reusable cloth pad with the product and swipe it across your face to clean the excess dirt off of it. For added hydration, one of the best ways to diffuse these products effectively is to massage them slowly. You can use massaging tools like jade rollers, gua shuas,
or clean hands to sculpt your face and press the product in.

Toners and mists have been underrated over the years and their hype is finally coming back. So, reap their benefits today by including them in your skincare routine!



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