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Dandruff Care in Summer

Summers mean sweaty scalps, oily or intensely dry hair, and so much dandruff. Dealing with dandruff is difficult and the humid summer weather makes it worse.

Why dandruff in summer?
One of the major reasons for dandruff is the humidity which prevents sweat from being evaporated effectively and hence leads to scalp build-up and dirt being collected. This weakens the scalp barrier and makes the hair more susceptible to damage and breakage. The damaged protective barrier on your scalp now allows dandruff to build on the scalp.

Another rather trivial but also one of the major causes of scalp damage can be the messy bun you put up your sweaty hair in. This leaves your scalp no room to breathe as all your hair is tied up tightly near your scalp. Nothing feels better than tying your hair up when you are sweating buckets in the lousy summer heat but it can do more harm than good.

What can help dandruff?
There are several measures that can be taken to prevent and treat dandruff. One of the most basic and essential steps is to maintain a good haircare routine. Wash your hair twice a week or as required with a gently cleansing shampoo that will not strip your scalp of its natural oils. Before every wash, oil your hair or apply hair masks or treatments that do not contain harsh ingredients for your hair.

Home remedies
You can incorporate homemade remedies for some of the steps of the routine for easy and effective results like follows
● One of the best antiseptic ingredients that are used in hair care products is Neem. It is an indigenous herb to the Indian subcontinent that has been used for centuries as a natural healer. It is highly beneficial in protecting the skin from bacteria by treating itchy skin and scalp. To reap the benefits of neem in the easiest way possible, rinse your hair with neem-infused water. Take two handfuls of neem leaves and boil them in about two liters of water. Cool this concoction and use it after you cleanse your scalp with your regular shampoo.
● For another easy hair rinse, you can use apple cider vinegar. This type of vinegar has shown to be helpful in removing dead skin cells from the scalp by cleansing it gently and also to maintain the pH of the scalp that is offset by the different products we use.
● Our miracle ingredient aloe vera is helpful for all sorts of skin and hair-related issues. Dermatologists claim over several studies that aloe vera soothes the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, the skin condition that causes dandruff. Aloe vera can be used as a hair mask by scratching off the gel portion inside the exterior green surface and applying it generously to the scalp. Keep it for 30 minutes and rinse it using your regular shampoo. If these home remedies sound very inconvenient or not convincing to you, you can always try products from brands you trust who make innovative products specifically for the cause.

VedaEarth products that you can use
At Vedaearth, we have a range of products that you can use to help combat the issue of dandruff.
● Hair mists: Our Tea tree mist and Rosemary mists help treat flaky and itchy scalp and help regulate the sebum on the scalp to combat dandruff. These products are formulated with the best quality ingredients made with concentrations that avoid irritation and inflammation in all skin types. The rosemary hair mist can also help bring back life to your dull and limp hair. Our tea tree mist is also multi-purpose as it can be used to treat skin conditions like oiliness and eczema.
● Tea tree essential oil: This essential oil is made with rich extracts of tea tree obtained through a process of steam distillation that helps retain the benefits of the ingredient while giving it a liquid form. Our Tea Tree essential oil can be mixed with any hair oil of choice and used as a regular hair massage oil. This oil helps in treating itchy and flaky scalp and cleaning excess sebum production
● Additionally, you can also use our Anti-Dandruff Shampoo made with ingredients like French Tea Tree and Basil. These ingredients help improve blood circulation and clean roots by treating the recurrence of dandruff on the scalp.

This summer, let your hair down and beat the summer heat and flaky dandruff with your favorite home remedies and products.



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