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Beat the heat with Floral Mists

Summer is officially here and all we have to say is don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. With the temperature rising, you need to bulk up on products and food that makes your skin and body feel nourished and hydrated. It is floral facial mists, fresh fruit drinks, hydrating face masks and airy clothes season but let’s also remind ourselves that it is officially heat stroke season. Heatstrokes are a common occurrence during long summer events when people have excess exposure to the sun. These conditions can prove to be highly dangerous if not treated immediately. Let’s see what they are and what we can do about them!

What is a Heat stroke?

Heatstroke or a sunstroke is a medical condition in which the body’s temperature
regulation system experiences imbalance because of excess heat. It is unable to cool itself down and thus showcases symptoms such as high body temperature, hot/dry skin, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness, etc. They are caused mainly because of excess exposure to the sun that causes overheating.

How to help with heat strokes?

The first plan of action must be to find an effective way to cool off the body. Some ways include

1. Move the person to a cooler place with shade. This will immediately bring down the body temperature.

2. Remove any jackets, sweaters or shoes that they may be wearing to improve ventilation.

3. Place a damp cloth on the person’s forehead and make them sit under a fan or air conditioner.

4. Ask them to drink fluids like cold water or fresh fruit juices to gain some strength back. They can also consume electrolyte filled drinks to feel better.

5. If the condition is severe, seek medical assistance immediately.

How do I prevent a heat stroke?

There are several ways that you can prevent a heat stroke. These are merely precautionary measures however, they cannot assure complete protection.

1. Stay hydrated

Goes without saying, but drinking water will do you wonders. Drinking any
electrolyte filled fluids like ORS also helps a ton. This ensures that the temperature regulation system in your body is able to cool off on its own because of regular water intake. It is also advisable to decrease caffeine and alcohol intake as they will potentially dehydrate your skin and your body.

2. Eat hydration boosting foods

Eating foods with high water content like watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes,
oranges, grapes, broccoli, zucchini, lettuce etc, will add to the water content in your system. Additionally, it will help you feel less nauseous and more filled throughout the day!

3. Take breaks from the sun

Try to move away from sunny areas in intervals. Sit under some shade and cool
off till you feel better. This will help your body work on regulating temperature
effectively when not in the sun. This can also help avoid sunburns on the skin.

4. Wear appropriate attire

Wear summer appropriate materials like linen, cotton or rayon to stay cool. These fabrics are not thick and don’t allow for sweat to deposit or accumulate in any areas. They also aid in proper ventilation and ensure no heat is trapped in the body.

5. Lookout for the hottest times of the day

Use the weather app to gauge what times of the day are the hottest and avoid
stepping out during these times in case you are prone to having heat strokes. This can also help you understand the humidity levels in your city and alter your water and diet intake accordingly to incorporate more or less hydrating foods

6. Know the signs and symptoms

There are some basic signs and symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, fatigue, high body temperature and hot skin. If you are unable to keep track of these symptoms, inform a friend about what a sun stroke can look like for you and ensure that they are around. In scenarios where you are unable to do anything, you will at least be able to receive help from a trusted buddy.

7. Cool off regularly

When taking breaks from the sun, try to cool yourself off by washing your face
with water or simply using a refreshing facial mist. One of the best facial mists you can use is a Rose water mist. Rose water has proven to be a great help in refreshing and rejuvenating dull and dry skin. Because of its anti-inflammatory and moisture-locking properties, it is highly beneficial in helping lower body temperature.

Try the Vedaearth’s steam distilled Rose Water Facial Mist for helping cool off
when experiencing a heat stroke or general high body temperature. This alcohol-free product is enriched with the goodness of rose water without any artificial fragrance and has therapeutic properties that will soothe the skin after a rough patch under the sun. So this summer remember to keep our handy Rose Water facial mist with you in your bag at all times. Spray it generously to be transported into a field of roses immediately!

If you or anyone you know is experiencing heat stroke like symptoms, use this guide to alleviate the symptoms before any medical assistance can be provided if necessary! Stay safe and have fun this summer!!



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