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8 Steps to be Summer ready: Inside out!

Being ready for summer means to be ready mentally, physically and emotionally. Add a little fun and have the best summer ever!

1. Switch out your wardrobe

Summers are hot and using thicker clothing can trap heat and excess sweat. Use
more breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or rayon without feeling weighed down by the discomfort. Opting for lighter coloured clothes like loose t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, and flowy garments help with ventilation.

2. Upgrade your diet

Give your summer diet a big boost by adding more seasonal fruits, lean protein
and whole grains. Avoid consuming excess dairy and sugary snacks as they can make you feel very bloated. It can also lead to breakouts and other digestive issues that can cause because of feeling heavy.

In addition to this, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Have a
reusable water bottle with you at all times to avoid dryness and dehydration.

3. Learn to unwind

Take time out for yourself everyday or every few days to truly unwind and relax.
This can mean taking yourself to a coffee shop, watching a movie, going to a class, read a book or anything else that makes you feel better. This is an important aspect of staying sane during any time of the year. Taking care of your mental health should be your top priority and taking rest days really helps with that.

4. Keep up an active lifestyle

Having an active lifestyle doesn’t only mean doing high intensity workouts. You
can choose to walk, go on a little job, ride a bicycle, or go swimming on hot summer days. Aim to be active for at least 30 minutes a day to help your heart keep pumping. This will help loosen your joints and keep your muscles working.

5. Pick up a new skill or hobby

No better time to learn a new thing than the summers. Learning something that
you have always wanted to do in the bright outdoors will be super fun and enriching. Learn a new skill that you may or may not use in the future but just seems fun now! This can include cooking, cycling, driving, dancing, theatre, stand-up, singing, graphic designing etc. You’ll never know when a small hobby can become your favourite pastime!

6. Go on a little summer vacation

Get a change of scenery and go on a fun vacation! Take a trip to the beach,
mountains, or just some amazing cities with great culture and history. If you can, take a solo trip to a place of your choice and explore the city your way and at your own pace. Travelling alone can also help you.

7. Don’t skip the zzs

Sleep is as important as any of the above steps! A vital component of general
health and wellbeing is sleep. It is a regular, natural condition of physical and mental rest that is necessary for a variety of bodily and mental functions. It is advised to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep for optimum daily functioning. Also don’t shy away from taking a nap here and there. Power naps actually help you feel rejuvenated to perform tasks better and be more productive. So kick back and catch up on some beauty sleep.

8. Prep your skin

Last but most importantly, work on taking care of your skin by prepping it for
summer. Some basic things that you can do are:

(a) Use copious amounts of sunscreen throughout the day and reapply as and when needed.
(b) Keep your skin fresh by using lightweight products that won’t clog your pores
(c) Gently exfoliate your skin once a week to remove dead skin cells and unclog
pores. This can help prevent acne and improve the appearance of your skin
(d) Take lukewarm water showers to avoid scalding and dehydrating your skin.
(e) Use brightening products like the Vedaearth Brightening Facial cream to help
even skin tone and tackle pigmentation. This shea butter infused daily cream
helps undo suntans and discoloration caused by excess sun exposure. So check out our website and give it a try.

The summers are a great time to truly experience life to the fullest and live out your best dreams. Seize the opportunity to have a great summer!



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