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7 Skincare tips for this Festive Season

The festive season is all for fun, parties, dressing up, and eating the yummiest food. Taking some time for yourself becomes so difficult amidst the chaos. Between hectic schedules, house hopping, and looking your best, your skin is left gasping for breath! Before the festivities begin, take some time to go through these tips to have great skin throughout!

1. Light makeup is the way to go

Dressing up is super fun and so is getting all dolled up! All the makeup that you haven't used in a long time is finally your holy grail! Because of the heavy makeup, the skin gets suffocated and your pores get clogged. This leads to dirt build up, breakouts, and skin irritation.

An easy solution to this problem is dewy and light makeup. Use lightweight concealers, and cream products that are easy to remove. And you can add the right amount of dewyness with a mist. It not only seals your fabulous makeup look together but also makes sure that your skin is hydrated and glowing. Our wide range of face mists are the right fit to perfect this look. It gives your skin a glowy finish and ample room to breathe!

P.S. If you want, go ahead and rock the no makeup look with just dewy skincare!

2. Try to avoid excessively oily foods

We know, we know. This is the most difficult task to accomplish out of the entire list. But having a mental note of the foods that make you breakout can be helpful. You can have these in moderation and avoid it completely if possible.

3. Remove the makeup every night

It is very important to remove your makeup every night because your skin can get clogged. To efficiently remove your makeup, use a combination of water based and oil based cleansers to get rid of all the dirt and grime. You can use our Vedaearth Face cleanser to remove your makeup after a long day of celebrations! Using it with our oil based facial cleansing oil will yield the best double cleansing results!

4. Sunscreen

Be it rain, shine, cloud, or snow- sunscreen is a must. The Sun's UV rays penetrate the ozone layer and make their way to our skin. Sun damage leads to hyperpigmentation, dull skin, and skin redness. To avoid all of this, it is best to use a sunscreen with an SPF Factor of above 50 for maximum protection.

5. Exfoliate

Use a chemical exfoliant every week to deep clean your face and reset it for the
upcoming week. For intermediate cleansing, you can use cleansing oils and other mild exfoliants. You can use our Vedaearth Cleansing Oil that has the perfect texture which helps unclog your pores and removes sweat, bacteria & dead skin, thus, exfoliating your skin thoroughly!

6. Wear airy clothing

Festive wear is usually very constricting and body hugging. After a long day of dancing, chatting or other festivities, one is prone to sweat. This sweat gets trapped on the skin and leads to back acne and bumps all over the skin. Switch to cotton or linen clothes that allow for air to flow easily. Shop your favorite festive looks from small businesses and spread the cheer.

7. Sleep

Last, but certainly not least, is enough sleep. Having a good night's sleep helps restore your brain activity and energy levels. This indirectly impacts your skin as you will wake up looking refreshed and awake. Without enough sleep, you are prone to developing dark circles, dull skin, and saggy skin. So skip that all night party and take some time out to catch up on some beauty sleep. Follow our list of useful tips for getting your skin through this festive season and keep your spirits up!



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