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5 Benefits of Hair Conditioning

Summer bummers are cancelled vacations, cloudy days, closed pools, uncoordinated outfits and bad hair days. Our hair may become damaged, dry, and dull from the harsh sun, heat, and humidity of harsh summers. An essential hair care item that can help protect and nourish our hair throughout the summer along with a nourishing shampoo is a hair conditioner.

The Vedaearth Hair Conditioner is infused with coconut milk and chamomile essence to help restore hydration and tackle dryness effectively. This product is formulated to target dry, rough, weak, brittle, lifeless, and split-end prone hair. It also provides lost lustre to lifeless and dull hair due to damage from UV rays and environmental pollution.

Here are some of the benefits of using our hair conditioners, especially during the summers:

1. Provides moisture to hair

Due to hot and humid weather, hair tends to lose moisture quickly throughout
summer. Excess exposure to UV rays also damages the hair intensely. This shows up as frizziness and rough hair. Brittle hair is obviously very hard to manage as it dries out very quickly.

Coconut milk is infused with lauric acid which goes deep into the roots and
nourishes hair shafts inside out! This ingredient in the conditioner adds moisture to the hair and revives its life.

2. Makes hair more manageable

The summer months can lead to unruly and hard to maintain mane. By removing tangles and smoothing out the hair cuticles, hair conditioners can help our hair become more manageable. This lessens the possibility of hair breaking while combing or brushing our hair and makes it simpler to style.

It is well known that chamomile can lighten hair strands and brighten sun-
damaged locks. Chamomile in hair formulations like conditioners can also aid to
strengthen hair, reduce split ends, and increase hair growth. It contains ingredients that provide natural hair shine and will rid your hair of its lifeless appearance.

3. Helps repair hair damage

Hair conditioners can aid in the restoration of damaged hair caused by excessive heat styling or chemical treatments. Hair conditioners infused with Vitamin E aid in hair health restoration and damage prevention. It helps restore hydration and promotes hair growth. It’s very common for hair to get damaged by the heat and pollution around us during this season, hence, having a good conditioner helps with reversing signs of damage and hair loss.

4. Soothes dry and itchy scalp

Heat and humidity can cause our scalp to become dry and irritated. Hair
conditioners can calm the areas around our scalp by hydrating and nourishing it. After using a gentle cleansing shampoo, use a nourishing conditioner to help soothe inflamed areas around the scalp. Avoid massaging conditioner directly onto your scalp as it can cause flaking and dandruff.

5. Adds shine to hair

Hair conditioners work magically to smoothen out frizzy hair and put down baby
hairs. Overall hair appearance also looks more sleek, smooth and clean looking. Hair automatically becomes easy to manage and reduces maintenance time by a lot.

Hair conditioners are a must this summer as they help revive the natural bounce of your mane. They not only smoothen your hair but also provide strength to it. Incorporate our Vedaearth Hair Conditioner into your regular hair care routine and see the difference this summer.



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