Our species has relied heavily on animals since the very advent of time. Most commonly for satiating our dietary traditions and practices, animals have heavily featured in other walks of our lives as well, such as cattle, clothing and textiles, transportation, experimentation (science and medicine), for sport, hunting and as pets. With time though, we have come closer to animals and have realised how unethical most of these practices are towards their kind. With a lot of awareness especially in the recent past, people have become more aware of animal cruelty and have therefore distanced themselves from these practices in their day to day lives. And more and more people are slowly but surely joining in.

Why did it take so long? The reason is, humans used to think that animals and their contribution to our society were irreplaceable. There was this deep-seated mindset which was a result of years of conditioning. However, with the advent of technology and better education, we were able to find replacements. Now, sure, these replacements take time to perfect, but what was once deemed unthinkable is now a definite possibility. When we talk about Veganism, the first thing that pops into our head is food. If we only talk about food here, studies show substitutes that are equally nutritious and can act as adequate sources for protein. But Veganism is not restricted just to food, and it is important to understand how it can create a positive impact in society.

Vegan beauty products are not a result of animals or their by-products and offer a tremendous alternative to us. Not just restricted to that, vegan beauty products even steer clear of animal-derived ingredients that are ethically sourced. Vegan products preach and practice a cruelty-free way of working and use cruelty-free cosmetics. This means vegan skin or vegan hair products have not been tested on animals. Not just about being considerate towards animals and the environment, the benefits of vegan skincare are better. Since these are derived directly from plants, the effects they have on your skin are healthier and natural. Your skin is also more suited to these products as the natural ingredients get absorbed by your skin and directly enter your bloodstream, having an overall positive impact on your body. These products are gentler to your body and are better for the sensitive skin type. They contain no harsh chemicals to cause your body any harm. Apart from giving you a more natural and healthier look because of its ingredients which have a direct impact on our body, it is more suited to the environment because it is eco-friendly and recyclable. Vegan beauty products are often rich in vitamins and hence offer fewer chances of allergic or inflammatory reactions.

Veganism is at the end of the day, a choice. And even though it is a brave new concept that borders on ethics, it does pack a lot of credibilities because the people who are advocating this way of life are well-informed, conscious decision-makers who have seen both sides of the coin and decided to be this way for a better future for our environment as well as a safer and healthier way of life.