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Why Essential Oils Are Essential?

Why Essential Oils Are Essential?

Extracted directly from plants and used by almost everyone; From the Jews, Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans for over 5,000 years as cosmetics and sometimes as perfumes, Essential Oils are usually used for their medicinal purposes.

Below are some strong reasons that tell you why

Essential Oils are more important than you think!

The Concept of Aromatherapy

Essential oils can also be diffused into the air. This process is known as aromatherapy and provides the full benefits of the oils as they are inhaled and introduced into the bloodstream.

Inhaling the aromas directly from Essential Oils can stimulate areas of your limbic system that affects your memory, controls some of the subconscious and unconscious functions, and behaviours.

Save Money

DIY! Essential oils and other natural ingredients can also be used to make your own lotion, shampoo, and deodorant - saving you a couple trips to the store!

Shoos Away Stress & Anxiety

Research suggests that stress and depression can be curbed using Essential Oils. Many of the studies have shown that the smell of some Essential Oils can work as a complementary therapy to treat anxiety and tension.

Not surprisingly, using Essential Oils during a massage helps relieve stress with the effects lingering for hours after. Continual use only proves to be beneficial as the effects gradually develop to become mental patterns.

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