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Nothing holds back a determined women, not even her circumstances.

This Women’s Day, we celebrate women who #PressForProgress to better themselves and even society.

Dhannya Sreekumar

Dhannya Sreekumar is one such woman who used her personal experiences to kickstart mommypower.in - A venture that evolved into a revolution in the baby product business. It was after enduring long commutes during her pregnancy that she decided to #PressForProgress by starting iMoms - A space for informed, intelligent Indian mothers on Facebook. Dhannya believes in providing to

“A vibrant community of Indian moms focused on supporting each other with the goal to empower moms by helping them make informed parenting choices.”

She strongly believes that self-care is the way to ultimately help others and therefore began the #selfcare campaign to “bring about awareness about taking care of oneself, eating healthy, physical fitness, beauty, nutrition or finding a hobby.”

Dr. Saritha Jain

Health, beauty and nutrition are also imperative for our next inspiring woman, Dr. Saritha Jain - An Ayurveda and Aromatherapy expert who has practised her trade for 27 years. She believes in taking a more wholesome, back-to-basics approach to beauty. Her practice has played a significant role in the research and sourcing of all the natural goodness that goes into Vedaearths’ products! On combining her practice, she prompts us to

“think of it like taking the benefits of (Ayurveda and Aromatherapy) one and doubling it by adding the other. A combo that provides long-term healing.”

A person who walks her talk, she also follows a vegan diet and lifestyle to maintain a healthy, happy cruelty-free life.

Lashitha Rathod

Lashitha realised her passion for cooking when she saw the joy her food brought to her mother, who would come back home tired after a long day at work. She then decided to pursue cooking instead of practicing law. Her mother’s support was crucial in her journey and as such, her unfortunate passing was not easy to bear. She channeled this grief into making her childhood dream a reality and founded the successful business "Sugarly Spiced”.

Fully aware of how tough life can get, Lashitha Rathod has showed us that life’s battles can be fought one sweet tooth at a time.

Urmi Kothari

A force to be reckoned with, Urmi Kothari, an “Energy Coach”, and founder of Kinetic Living, IFAA master trainer and Nike coach, she has dedicated her life to mastering yoga, sports and athletics. Never one to be tied down, Urmi quit her job in 2009 and moved to Kerala for 3 years to train and perform with Daksha Sheth Dance Company. She trained in Kalaripayattu, Yoga under actress Isha Sharvani, the basics of Kathak & Mallakhamb, body percussion and movement. Armoured with all of this knowledge only to be encouraged by her friends to teach her ways, she founded Kinetic Living.

Our next superwoman has not only driven change, but has been the driving force for many others to make positive changes in their own lives. Curious? Rightfully so. She’s amazing.

Find out in our next blog.

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