1. Why Vegan Beauty Products Are Good for You?

    Our species has relied heavily on animals since the very advent of time. Most commonly for satiating our dietary traditions and practices, animals have heavily featured in other walks of our lives as well, such as cattle, clothing and textiles, transportation, experimentation (science and medicine), for sport, hunting and as pets.

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  2. How dandruff may cause forehead acne

    Normally when you have an acne problem, you assume that the prime reason for it is the accumulation of extra oil on your skin that your body produces on a regular basis.

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  3. Cruelty-Free and Vegan are 2 different concepts

    The world is changing at a rapid pace and people are evolving even faster. What was once considered privileged and meant for a chosen few is today out in the open for all and sundry. It is no wonder that with unlimited access to almost everything, the world is keeping pace with the changing social climate.

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  4. Facial Oils - The New GoTo For Glowing Skin!

    Some of you might actually shudder at the thought of willingly applying oil on your face. Images of greasy oil and sticky fingers might conjure as you are reading this but hold your thought...

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  5. Common chemicals in beauty products & their natural alternatives

    “You look too old.”

    “Your skin isn’t fair enough.”

    “Your hair is greying prematurely.”

    “Your hair fall is our of control!”


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  6. 4 Natural Hair Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow This Winter

    The holiday season is here! It's the time of the year to make merry, gather around with friends and plan an exciting holiday. However, not everything is exciting during the long winter months. For it is also that time of the year when your hair turns brittle and weak. And let's not even get into the way the hair frizzes and the static that accompanies it. All thanks to the dry weather that makes it hard for the hair to retain its moisture. Here are a few all natural hair care routine to combat these winter-y woes with ease.

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  7. Your Guide To Skin Detox, Post Diwali

    The three days of Diwali festivities must have been a blast! Having your friends and family over for a feast, gorging on delicious sweets, and having partied to your heart’s content ought to have given you a much deserved break from your daily routine.

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  8. Ayurvedic Approach To Pain Relief

    Aching joints and muscles have become all too common, even among the younger folks these days. This is mainly due to the sedentary lifestyle that we have all become accustomed to. Complaints about soreness in the back, neck, shoulders, knee etc., have become all too common these days.  While a chronic pain tends to demobilise you completely, a non-chronic pain can be quite irksome- causing quite the inconvenience in carrying out your daily tasks.

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  9. Remedies For The Sniffles

    It’s the time of the year when warm woollen sweaters and thick duvets come out of the closet. When shelves are stocked with an array of your favourite teas and soups. It is also that time when the cold virus comes in uninvited to wreck havoc this season. Fret not. Here are a few ways to treat the cold symptoms effectively.

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  10. A bath is all it takes

    A long day at work can be exhausting. All you can think about is getting back home and putting your feet up. Here’s an alternative –put them in a bucket of warm water with bath salts instead...

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