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4 Natural Hair Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow This Winter

4 Natural Hair Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow This Winter

The holiday season is here! It's the time of the year to make merry, gather around with friends and plan an exciting holiday. However, not everything is exciting during the long winter months. For it is also that time of the year when your hair turns brittle and weak. And let's not even get into the way the hair frizzes and the static that accompanies it. All thanks to the dry weather that makes it hard for the hair to retain its moisture. Here are a few all natural hair care routine to combat these winter-y woes with ease.

Granny’s Warm Oil Treatment

There has always been some truth to age old hair care practices. One of the most popular one is a good scalp/ hair massage with warm coconut oil. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, coconut oil helps nourish the scalp and reduces excessive oil build up. You can go a step further and use a blend of almond oil, and coconut oil to help combat multiple issues of dryness, frizziness and lack of nourishment. Apply this mixture on the hair & scalp, and gently massage for about ten minutes. Wrap the hair in a hot towel, and leave it on for a couple of hours before rinsing it off with a mild shampoo.

Nourishing Banana And Coconut Paste

Banana is rich in vitamins, calcium, potassium, carbohydrates and natural oils, which helps nourish the hair and scalp. Coconut and coconut oil is full of hair healing properties, which strengthens the hair and rejuvenates the hair follicles from the inside out. Add one tablespoon of coconut oil to a mashed ripe banana. Apply this paste on the hair and scalp for about 30 minutes and wash it off with a mild hair shampoo.

The Magic of Avocado

The millennial’s favourite fruit is an excellent source of fatty amino acids, vitamins, and minerals like copper and iron, which helps nourish the hair and scalp, resulting in a shiny, silky hair. High in antioxidants, it helps repair damaged hair, while also stimulating new hair growth.

Prepare a mixture of an Avocado and a few drops Vedaearth’s Peppermint Essential Oil, ensuring a smooth paste without any lumps. Apply this paste onto your hair and leave it on for about 15 minutes, and rinse it off with water and a mild shampoo.

Chamomile Tea and Lemon

Chamomile is an age old remedy to combat dandruff and flaky scalp. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, which helps strengthen the hair, thus reducing hair fall; being acidic in nature, it also helps cleanse the scalp of dead cells and other muck.

Apply a solution of cold chamomile tea and a few drops of lemon juice on the scalp and hair. Wait for a few minutes and rinse it off with water.

These home remedies will help keep your hair well nourished and moisturised, leaving you with beautiful locks this season. So let your hair down and free your mind, knowing well that the winter woes are kept at bay, naturally.

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