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Turning a sweet corner - Lashitha Rathod

Turning a sweet corner - Lashitha Rathod

Find out how Lashitha Rathod channelled a personal loss to create something inspiring and sweet, literally.

Tell us a little bit about your journey and how ‘Sugarly Spiced’ started.

From the time I was a kid, I was always interested in arts, crafts, painting, drawing and cooking. My mother was a working woman. Hence, I had to be a part of the household chores. These included cooking, cleaning and washing utensils. What started off as a household chore, turned into a dream of opening my own restaurant. My mother would come back tired from work and the food that I cooked, made her happy and relaxed. This made me realise that cooking is where my heart is. When I graduated from law school, I wanted to fulfill my childhood dream, rather than continue Law. This is how ‘Sugarly Spiced’ came into being.

What has been the biggest learning in trying to become independent at such a young age?

Life is too precious. Live it to the fullest!
A mother’s love is the most precious thing on Earth.
Time is money. You need to invest it in the right people.
There is no shortcut to success. Believe in yourself and your hard-work will bear fruit.

Was there a turning point that shaped your vision to start Sugarly Spiced?

My mother was suffering from cancer and passed away recently.

My mother used to say - ‘Having a job in your hand is like having a book from which you can learn a lot. So, do the best that you can by just doing’.

My mother’s words were a turning point.

How do you keep yourself motivated and not let life’s difficulties get to you?

One thing I tell myself every time I lose hope is ‘stop and take a deep breath. Life is not always easy. Get up and take control of your life’.

#pressforprogress is all about celebrating women who have pushed the boundaries and made a difference to society or for themselves. Is there someone inspirational that you would like to talk about?

There are three women who have inspired me. First, my mother, who was a very hardworking woman and always made sure we were happy. She inspired me to do the same. Second, my friend Reshma Kunhi, who fought against all the odds and never gave up. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur who established her brand internationally. Lastly, my friend Divya Dinesh who has inspired me to stay determined and work hard at whatever I do.

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