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Keep calm and get out the rang

Keep calm and get out the rang

Holi is right there in terms of our favourite festival full of Rang and fun. It sort of indicates a kind of wanton letting go and enjoying the moment immersed in Rang. On the flip side, however, Holi brings some health hazards. Despite the awareness about using safe, organic Rang, most Rang used are still heavy on chemicals which are not exactly skin-friendly. Top it with the day-long exposure to the sun, our skin, hair take quite a beating on the Holi day. Most of our post-Holi time goes about in scrubbing out the colour vigorously. Which is another cardinal skin mistake to make given that we are also losing vital skin nutrients and protective tissues in the process. Plus cleaning does not reverse the damage that the chemicals and sun have done to your skin and subcutaneous layers.

And that is exactly why you need to restore and not just clean your skin post-Holi. What better than natural remedies for that restorative, post-Holi skin care.

Clean, Tone, Moisturise Your Skin  – The colour chemicals deep penetrate your skin, creating a non-porous layer which blocks vital nutrients and oxygen from getting into your skin. You need deep cleansing to get these chemicals out of your system. Nature has some exotic clean cleansers. You can go for an exotic mix of apricot kernel and grapeseed infused with Benzoin or Roman Chamomile to soften the skin along with cleansing it. You can use daily cleansers like papaya pulp or a lemon paste. Just keep in mind that here using a cleanser that dries your skin is a strict no-no given that your skin is already dry and brittle from the day in the sun. Orange peel powder or pulp are good options as they are rich in Vitamin C. Other good options include Aloe Vera.

The VedaEarth cleansing oil with the Benzoin, Frankincense and Roman Chamomile also prove effective cleansing, toning and moisturising. All you need is a warm cloth dipped in the ultra-light, non-sticky oil to clean your face in a few clean swipes.

Turmeric is nature’s best-known glow treatment

Attack Those Pigments – You spend a day in the sun with not so good chemicals in the company, and your skin starts showing all kinds of ailments from pigmentation to wrinkles. And this is where restoration comes in full circle. Trust nature’s best glow treatment, the humble Haldi to come to your rescue. Follow up your cleansing routine with an intense glow treatment with Haldi paste that you can make by grounding Haldi roots. You can also use Multani Mitti for a post-cleansing routine but finding authentic Mitti is almost always a problem.

If finding and grounding Haldi roots is a problem, you can opt with a fifteen minute routine with the VedaEarth ant-pigmentation pack and oil combo. Infused with mango ginger, turmeric, Multani Mitti and other natural ingredients in their pure earthy state the combo can bring the oomph back to your skin. So you are ready for that post-Holi bash.

Restore the Hair – If your hair had a voice, it would have flatly refused to participate in your Holi revelries. You literally let your hair down, pun intended, with all those chemicals clogging your hair roots making you lose hair in clumps. Worse, the exposure also brings split ends and dandruff back. Your hair also becomes dry and brittle and break easily. You can bank on natural remedies to redeem your hair. An avocado and banana mix can be good too. Botanical oils like almond oil, jojoba are right to restore your hair if you can find them in the unadulterated form. Apple cider acts as a good conditioner too.

For a seven day quick and hassle-free routine, you can also try the VedaEarth anti-hair fall oil that also zealously works against hair damage and split ends. Loaded with natural wows including Rosemary, Coriander and Palmarosa. It works deep within the scalp to reduce hair fall and fight dandruff or split ends. Just massage in and wash off with a mild shampoo and you are ready to go.

Makeup with hot, warm baths: Not just your face and hair, your full body needs some love and healing. Hot baths with natural scrubs are the best things you can do for yourself. Lavender bath is totally recommended given its anti-inflammation and muscle relief properties. (Yeah your joints need a bit of help after all the dancing).

You can also try out a natural soap or bath salt from the VedaEarth bath selection especially hand-crafted with natural actives to stimulate your body, flush out toxins and make you ready for more. The soaps are also formulated according to skin types so you can pick up the one just right for you.

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