Normally when you have an acne problem, you assume that the prime reason for it is the accumulation of extra oil on your skin that your body produces on a regular basis. And even though it could be for a lot of other reasons such as hormonal changes, poor hygiene, sudden dietary adjustments or even external factors like moisture and heat. The oil along with external debris/dirt causes blocks on your skin pores. This gives way to a bacteria infestation that infects these areas of the skin, causing it to form what we call acne.

Though acne is directly caused due to the extra oil secretion on your face, dandruff is also a common cause for its occurrence. Dandruff, like acne, is also a skin condition that is caused through an overproduction of skin oil in our oil glands and hair follicles called sebum. Often, one follows the other (first comes dandruff, which leads to forehead acne in a lot of cases). Dandruff is a white, flaky dead skin formation on your scalp that extends to your face, including your eyebrows. Dandruff is hereditary too but can also form due to stress, having oily skin or in some cases, diseases like Parkinson’s and HIV. Although dandruff is associated with dry skin and cold weather, it is found on people who have greasy or oily scalp more often than not. Even though mild dandruff is not a threat to your body and can be treated by finding the right shampoo, a formation of dandruff on parts of the body other than your scalp can lead to other skin diseases and conditions, and a doctor/specialist should be consulted in such a case.

Since both these skin conditions are caused due to the overproduction of oil, they invariably affect each other. Dandruff settles on your face, eyebrows, skin, nose, and even your ears and causes irritation and redness. Since acne is caused by dirt or external debris that comes in contact with the extra oil secretion and causes skin pores to become blocked, that external debris is dandruff most of the time. Hence, for forehead acne treatment, it is very important to check if you have a dandruff problem first and try and find a remedy for that.

With Vedaearth’s Acne Control Combo that includes a natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, an Anti-Acne Face Pack and a Facial Oil, the onus was to arrive at a one-stop dandruff and pimples solution that looks at treating dandruff and acne simultaneously and not separately. The anti-dandruff shampoo has basil and lavender, that gets rid of any formation of dandruff and greasy scalp by cleansing the roots of the hair, and naturally conditions the hair. The face pack and the facial oil contain neem oil and turmeric, which are natural antiseptics that go deep into the skin and help get rid of the extra dirt, thereby reducing pimples and blackheads from your face.

Acne and dandruff are very common problems, and Vedaearth with their new product has come up with an uncommon solution that covers all bases, paving the way for you to experience optimal hair and skin health.