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Avail Free Shipping on orders above INR 999.
Fair Treatment

Fair Treatment

Ladies, raise your hand if you have ever been offered fairness services by a spa as “beautification” or “cleanse”. Well, at Vedaearth,

We believe in nurturing the natural beauty we’re born with rather than trying to erase it.

No product or treatment can help change the colour of our skin. But in a world where there are whole industries dedicated to fairness products, the idea of us being beautiful just the way we are is a revolutionary thought.

To look into the mirror and be content with what we see is unthinkable because we have grown up in an endless river of advertisements telling us we’re not fair enough.

Vedaearth Lounge is a signature space that treats you like the queen you are. We offer every beauty service you can imagine, all under one roof, for every skin colour. An added bonus?All of these services are, naturally, offered using our own vegan and cruelty-free Vedaearth products. Here are some of our signature services:

Eye Elixir

Revive your senses with the calming effects of Indian Sarsaparilla, Calamus and Frankincense oil. Unwind and rejuvenate as your skin restores its soft and smooth glow.

Flawless Flair

This fusion of Gorakhmundi, Neem, Calamus, Juniper berry, Turmeric oil and Lemongrass works to treat acne and spots, giving you a clear complexion.

Cellulite Care

This massage stimulates your senses and mobilises cellulite, detoxifying your skin, unclogging pores and making it feel pampered.

Hair Hydrate

Aloe Vera, Hibiscus, Indigo work together to make your hair feel light as a cloud. This deep conditioning treatment hydrates your hair and locks in moisture.

With these carefully curated aromatic blends and more, we instil a new and natural sense of wellbeing in you, helping you feel more comfortable in the skin you were born with.

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