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Facial Oils - The New GoTo For Glowing Skin!

Facial Oils - The New GoTo For Glowing Skin!

Know more about why Face Oils are so effective.

Some of you might actually shudder at the thought of willingly applying oil on your face. Images of greasy oil and sticky fingers might conjure as you are reading this but hold your thought. Because by the time you finish reading this blog, you will begin to look at Face Oils in a new light.

Face Oils are the best cleansing resources that you can find. Massaging your skin with oil will dissolve the oil that is hardened with impurities and stuck in the pores of your skin. It not only cleanses your face but also balances your skin’s natural oils whereas soaps or other cleansers strip your skin off it. Use a combination of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil to cleanse your skin.

You have to remember that only oil dissolves oil. In fact, you will not get more pimples or acne when you use face oils. Believe it or not, but the anti-inflammatory properties of certain oils of Argan, Frankincense and Tea Tree are excellent for controlling acne.

Oils are lipophilic by nature, which means they can easily combine with or dissolve in lipids/fats. Hence, they can penetrate deep into your skin and can be the best gatekeepers that your skin can get. They keep water and moisture tucked in, and flush toxins out. Face Oils of Argan and Coconut protect the skin from UV Rays and pollutants, thus fortifying your skin.

Plummeting heat or spending time only in air-conditioned areas might often lead to drying of your face. Hence, Face Oils are the perfect antidotes for dry skin. They have a natural ability to hydrate and nourish a variety of skin types and are in fact more effective than OTC moisturisers. Apart from moisturising your skin, Face Oils also have a positive implication on your mental and physical well-being. Apply 2-3 drops of lavender oil/ peppermint oil, with a carrier oil on your temples and feel relaxed instantly.

When you massage oil on your body, it removes dirt and dead skin. Not only does it help you stay clean but also gets rid of tanning, thus brightening your skin. Here are some natural face oils and their benefits, some of which are even found in our products. Remember, that these essential oils must always be used with a carrier oil.

1. Jojoba Oil

Known as a skin softener, you can use it for deep moisturising. It also counteracts acne.

2. Frankincense Oil

It promotes regeneration of healthy cells. It removes wrinkles, helps tighten the pores, and improves your skin tone.

3. Neroli Oil

It is known best for repairing and rejuvenating your skin. It also improves its elasticity and helps maintain the right oil balance in your skin.

4. Cypress Oil

Apart from healing wounds and curing spasms, it aids your body in removing toxins by prompting sweating, thus cleaning the pores.

With this, we hope that oils become an essential part of your beauty regimen and find a permanent place in your beauty cabinet.

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