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Avail Free Shipping on orders above INR 999.
A Different Solution With Vedaearth Collections

A Different Solution With Vedaearth Collections

One problem can have different solutions, but at Vedaearth, our seasoned Ayurvedic Aromatherapists have put together collections of the best possible solutions for you.
Here’s a glimpse into the Vedaearth Collections:


Skin Rejuvenating Facial Oil Collection and Young and Fresh Facial Collection

The two collections are best used to protect the skin, de-stress and even remove harsh pollutants and wrinkles, making your face look fresher than ever.

The two packs comprise of unique natural ingredients such as mother’s Daisy and aromatherapy oils, that make up the Cleansing Facial Oil. The Indian Madder and the Ginseng, better known as ‘Manjistha’ and ‘Ashwagandha’, make the Anti-Ageing Face Pack. Finally mango, ginger, and white turmeric form the Anti Pigmentation Facepack.


The Daily Glow Collection and The Ayurvedic Youthfulness Collection

The Anti Pigmentation Oil and the Under Eye Oil (a blend of Saffron and Lotus, when applied, removes puffiness and puts a sparkle in your eyes).

The Ayurvedic Youthfulness Collection helps restore the firmness of your skin and reduces wrinkles with the Under Eye Oil and an Anti-Ageing Oil, a unique formula of Ashwagandha, and Neroli oil (made from the blossom of the bitter Orange tree). While the Daily Glow Collection is bound to make people stop and stare when you walk down a road, the Ayurvedic Youthfulness Collection will make you feel younger than ever!


Tranquil Body and Mind Collection

For your hair and body, this collection comprises of an Anti-Hair Fall Oil and a Pain Relief Oil. The latter soothes your aching joints, and the former stops unnatural hair fall and regrow lost hair.

Together, all these varied combinations of oils help to heal and energize the body and give your senses an exhilarating experience.

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