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Turmeric: The face pack older than time

Turmeric: The face pack older than time

Turmeric doesn’t get a lot of attention but it is one of the most important ingredients to leading a healthy life. Your ma adding haldi to everything she made was not just a coincidence or a habit. It was to ensure you were free from all kinds of health issues and diseases. And it always works!

So what makes turmeric so useful for all kinds of health problems? It contains a bioactive compound called curcumin. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant, used in many skincare products as an important ingredient.

Now that you know that turmeric is just like a superhero, why not use it to better your skin? Here are some ways you can incorporate turmeric into your skincare.

  1. Fight them zits: Some of us have the occasional pimple breakout. Some of us have dealt with acne for years. We are even prone to picking our zits, leaving scars and pockmarks on our skin. Worry not! Prepare a simple mask from besan (gram flour), water and turmeric and apply twice a week to get rid of those pesky marks and reduce future breakouts
  2. Dat glow tho!: Our skin usually has a natural glow which gets lost due to pollution, improper care of skin and change in weather. Winter is especially harsh for this glow and can even cause dry skin. Use our Geranium and Rosewood soap infused with Turmeric. It’ll help your skin get that glow you’ve always wanted.
  3. Treat your skin problems: Pollution, genetics and unbalanced diets can lead to loads of dermatological conditions like psoriasis, scabies, and eczema. Fortunately, turmeric comes to the rescue here too. Numerous studies on the effects of turmeric on these conditions have been conducted with outstanding and positive results. Perhaps it’s time to go all natural and turn to turmeric!

Over and above skin, turmeric is simply fantastic in maintaining your overall health. But we can’t talk forever, hai na? Let’s just make haldi great forever!

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