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The best anti ageing tips for Indian skin

The best anti ageing tips for Indian skin

We have all been there and done that:  Staring at your hairdresser, dermatologist, or the Aunty next door (who looks nothing of her age) and catching yourself at the precise moment for making someone feel uncomfortable. But all you wish to know is her secret! How in the world do they manage to pull off a flawless skin, pore free complexion and dense locks of beautiful hair?

We decided to explore this intriguing secret right from its roots.  Upon going through various technologies from the time of Cleopatra to our modern age, we learnt one very important fact. There is no fountain of youth or a way to stop the clock. However, there exists a very unexpectedly simple solution which might be the next big thing.


Massage your skin with organic sesame oil every morning to help blood circulation. The oil has a hydrating nature and is widely known for its antioxidant properties.


Almond Oil contains Vitamin A which is an excellent source for preventing acne or other skin related infections. It deep cleanses the pores, thus removing debris from the layer.


The benefits of this incredible herb have been known since the initial stages of Ayurveda. Also termed as the “strength of the stallion”, Ashwagandha has traditionally been used to strengthen immune system and repair cells. Vata with Bala herbal massage oils can be used in combination with Sesame oil for combating age.  They have general recreational properties and you can use them as perfect everyday toners.


Keep those beautiful eyes free of puffiness. Naturally extracted oils such as those made of lotus and vetiver do just the right magic trick.  And of course, you might want to reconsider long hours of no sleep. The body needs its time off and you should give it that comfort.


The real potion of agelessness is water. An average human body should intake about 2 liters of water everyday.  It not only flushes out toxins from the insides of your system but also carries nutrients that are vital for keeping skin wrinkle-free. Enough sleep and enough water are two vows you should take right now.

Aging is a natural and beautiful process. However, it is important to replenish the oils and minerals that your skin loses with time. It is your job to help your skin cope with its slowing secretion processes. So, wait no more and try these secrets to be the next envied diva!

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