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Holi-Proof yourself

Holi-Proof yourself

The Holi season is right around the corner! Getting together with friends and family during Holi is one of the things people look forward to all year. It’s a time of celebration, carnivals, and most importantly colour.

But there’s more to Holi colour than meets the eye. A lot of people avoid Holi festivals and carnivals for one simple reason: the colour powders and pastes people use during them. These colours contain the harshest of chemicals; possibly the skin and body’s number one enemy. Even the slightest contact causes a great deal of skin problems like irritation, allergies and acne breakouts all over the body. And you KNOW that we at Vedaearth are committed to help you stay away from harsh chemicals.

So how do we tackle Holi colours and still have a good time? Let us fill you in.

  1. KYC (Know Your Colours!): The usual off-the-shelf Holi colours are chock-a-block with tons of chemicals. This list includes silica, asbestos, copper, lead, zinc, iron, nickel, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. Direct contact with any of these chemicals, which are present in standard Holi colours in their unadulterated form, are dangerous in countless ways. Want to know how to protect yourself from these nasty chemicals with our products? Keep reading!

  2. Protect and Shield: When an enemy attempts to attack, what do you do? Protect, of course! And we’ve got you covered. Add a few drops of our tea tree essential oil or lemon essential oil to a carrier oil (like almond or olive oil) and apply this all over your body, including your face, before you head out into the battlefield of colour. Post the festivities, add a few drops each of our chamomile cleansing oil to a carrier oil. You can also our anti-pigmentation face pack and oil combo for your body and face. Rub one of these two mixtures all over your body and give your hair an intensive massage with our palma rose anti-hairfall oil. After the massages, have a relaxing bath with our geranium and rosewood soap with activated charcoal to wash away all those harsh Holi chemicals!

  3. Go Natural!: You know how the old saying goes: prevention is better than cure. Have a fun (and safe) Holi by shopping for organic Holi colours and dyes free of harsh chemicals, or even making your own. These colours are 100% safe to use and are made with fruit and vegetable extracts like beetroot and pomegranate, herbs like neem and henna, turmeric, and flowers like marigold, rose, hibiscus and flame-of-the-forest. Just do an internet search and voila! A natural Holi is all yours to enjoy.

And there you have it. Our small but effective guide to ensure you have a good time during Holi. One last thing though; don’t forget to have a good time! Happy Holi to you all!

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