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Vedaearth-Top 5 effective haircare tips for you this monsoon.

Vedaearth-Top 5 effective haircare tips for you this monsoon.

The gorgeous season of monsoon is here again. However, with pleasant showers and magical weather, it also brings with itself a considerable amount of hair frizz. In no time, your locks start feeling dry & poofy and suddenly the otherwise lovable weather finds you resenting it every day. So, is there a natural way to retain your bouncy hair and make them more manageable? Indeed, there is! Monsoon requires special care and luckily it is not so difficult.

TIP #1 Keep Hair Clean

We all enjoy getting wet in the rains but rainwater contains pollutants that weaken the roots or shaft bonds of hair, thus breaking the strands easily. So, cover your hair to keep it safe from rains and humidity. Keeping your scalp dirt-free is another vital factor. Monsoon increases the chance of rendering dandruff. Use finger tips to gently massage your scalp and avoid rigorous shampooing.

TIP #2 Choosing the Best Oil

There are various options available in the market when it comes to choosing a hair-oil. However, it is important to pick the right one for monsoon. Natural oil which contains Palma Rosa and Almond should be on the top of your list. These ingredients not only make your hair strong & silky, they also combat dandruff.

TIP #3 Using the Right Comb

Combs generally come in two options – The wide tooth comb and the pick or teasing comb. Wide tooth comb helps you detangle your hair. You can use this while you have oil in your hair. It will help you to evenly spread the oil.

The pick tooth comb is used for adding volume to your hair. However, you must ensure your locks are tangle free before using this comb as it can easily lead to breaking the pretty strands. During Monsoon, keep a wide tooth comb handy. It shall allow you to quickly combat tangles that come with the winds and humidity of this season.

TIP #4 Oil, Shampoo, and Condition

Do put in a little extra effort to ensure your hair is healthy and ready to fight the monsoons. Gently massage your scalp with a natural and light Palma Rosa oil, one night before you schedule your wash. Next day, shampoo your hair and apply a small amount of conditioner. Remember to not overdo the quantity of shampoo or conditioner as that might cause the hair to become frizzier. Always rinse the shampoo off completely.

TIP #5 Maintain a Healthy Diet

All external regimes for hair and skin must be accompanied with an internal care system as well. It is important to strike a balance in your diet and achieve strengthening of roots. You could include pulses that are high in iron and protein. Try to pop in a few walnuts as they are rich in omega-3 and fatty acids. Spinach too is an excellent source for iron and beta-carotene. Maintaining a good diet will ensure the exact balance you need for healthy skin and hair.

So, are you now Monsoon Ready? Grab the essential oils and all the right products to sail through this tough yet beautiful season of Monsoon!

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