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The True ‘Nature’ of a Plant-Based Source

The True ‘Nature’ of a Plant-Based Source

Going vegan and avoiding all animal by-products, especially with your skincare and cosmetics, is not an easy proposition. A lot of products out there present themselves as vegan (simply because they do not believe in animal testing, but what they don’t realise is that the composite ingredients in fact come from animals.

So how do you, as a consumer, look out as to whether the products you’re using contain zero extracts from animals and are 100% vegan?

Following are the products that should not be used along with vegan in the same sentence:


This is what one would call an emollient, which is grease or fat extracted from the wool on sheep. It’s a very common ingredient in lip and hair products.


This is a highly common ingredient, extracted from animal fats, in most of the soaps, face washes, and cosmetics sold in the market.


This is found in most hair products and treatment as a ‘strengthening agent’, but is in fact derived from an animal’s hair and horns.

Collagen and Elastin

These two ingredients, which feature prominently in a lot of anti-ageing products, are extracted from the ligaments, muscle, and tissue of animals.


The name itself gives it away! Although you may not realise it, beeswax is a prime component of most cosmetic products, especially ones which do not explicitly state its ingredients.

And NOW! Here are the products and indicators for a happy and satisfying vegan life:

Plant-Based Oils and Butters

These oils, including almond, coconut, olive, and butters, including coconut and shea, are good replacements for lanolin, collagen, beeswax and keratin. They can also be used to extract glycerine.

Soya Protein

This wonderful protein, which is also quite inexpensive, is an alternative to collagen and keratin. It can also be used to extract soya wax; an excellent replacement for beeswax.

Plant and Nut-Based Milks

These milks, including almond and coconut, are rich in protein and act wonderfully as ingredients for skincare products and cosmetics.

Proudly Vegan

Most importantly, make sure that your products are proud to be 100% vegan (just like Vedaearth!).

If you’re looking for a truly vegan and cruelty-free skincare and pampering experience, just have a look at our products and services right here!

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