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Oils v/s Creams - The real question

Oils v/s Creams - The real question


Have you not often found yourself divided between oils and creams trying to decide which one will work the best for you? Let’s together try solving this big debate. Allow me to lay down the facts. For us to take an informed stand, we need to understand first how the skin functions. Our skin naturally produces oils which help us look young and luminous. However, with age, the amount of oil skin secretes start to reduce. In no time we can see those wrinkle lines appear on our otherwise healthy skin. Thus, to get that glow again all we have to do is add those natural oils back. Here comes the point from where we should start exploring all our options in the markets.



Sometimes we tend to overlook answers to the most complex issues in the simplest of places. Mother Nature has given bountiful gifts to replenish our skin through the use of natural oils, which unlike synthetic creams do not seize your sense or require you to shell out the big bucks to restore your natural self. Essential oils are extracted from different parts of the plant like leaves, stem, flowers, roots, fruits and other parts of a plant through Steam Distillation. These oils penetrate the skin’s deeper layers to rejuvenate the cells naturally.

It is high time you considered adding facial oils to your daily skin care routine.Did you just read oils? Yes, why would you apply “oil” on your skin? Would it not make your skin too “oily”? These are some of the biggest misconceptions associated with the usage of oil on the skin.


Creams are mostly made up of water, wax, and an emulsifier of some sort, and there is a few essential oils/ fragrance mixed to make them smell nice.

You might be wondering why they show such immediate results. Well, the wax forms an obstructive layer on the skin that helps in holding the skin’s moisture. However, in the process, it also clogs the pores hence preventing the oil component of the cream (the real beneficial element) from entering the skin. This is exactly why you often see immediate but rapidly diminishing effects of creams.

They work initially as they create a strong protective film to hydrate. But, this barricade prevents skin from receiving compulsory nutrients.Oils are extracted naturally from parts of a plant. They contain lipids that exfoliate much better as compared to scrubs and other similar treatments which strip off all the moisture from your skin. There are two types of oils that work on our skin- Essential Oils and Carrier Oils. Essential oils penetrate deep into the skin while carrier oils stay on the surface to moisturize and seal the effects of these oils.


If you have skin like mine, you would feel paranoid about using oils. After all, your body is already secreting so much of it that you would not want more. But what if I tell you that essential oils are actually composed of botanical extracts which provide you with just the right amount of sebum? Confused? Pure botanical face oils have the exact ratio of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins which are lightweight and moisturize the skin by balancing your sebum production.

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It is for you to weigh the arguments and decide the best regime for your skin. Beauty is a notion and to each, her own. But skin is a tangible component of our body that we wear regularly. It needs long-term investments in terms of our time, attention and a careful pick of products. Finally, natural facial oils combined with aromatherapy will help you experience a divine sense of wellness. It will open gates to enjoyable therapy which shall not only rejuvenate your skin but also calm your mind however if you don’t believe us read here and find out yourself.

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