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Natural ingredients for healthy hair

Natural ingredients for healthy hair


Urban life can be harmful to us in many ways. But thankfully, we can always turn to nature for remedies and solutions. Thick and luscious hair is not only the most natural accessory one can adorn but is also a sign of good health. Below are some of the most readily available elixirs that nourish, the best part being the ease with which they are available.


Most of us must have known Hibiscus to be a flower that embellishes our garden but seldom do we know about the umpteen medicinal properties this flower contains. Apart from being a blood purifier, a laxative, and a good source of Vitamin C, it is one of the most renowned herbs. Let it become a companion of the glass of hot water you drink every morning.


The thought of coconut oil must strum childhood memories of your mother religiously oiling your hair every Sunday morning. Well, nothing beats the goodness of Coconut oil because it is the only oil which is known best for penetrating inside hair shaft when applied. Moreover, massaging the scalp stimulates the hair follicles which in turn promote growth. But, make sure you avoid over-shampooing to remove the oil; that would defeat the purpose.


Rosemary has been used for centuries not only to foster hair growth but also to delay graying. If you cannot find an infused oil of fresh rosemary, then grow it. Just squeeze a drop or two of its extract and add it to your shampoo bottle.


If you feel like your tresses lack luster, then this fruit loaded with vitamins, calcium, and potassium is your savior. It nourishes and moisturizes your hair leaving it satin-soft. You can blend a banana with some avocado and coconut milk to use it as a pack for your hair or have a banana a day and keep hair fall at bay.


Up until now, you must have used cilantro/coriander only for garnishing. But, it has another facet by being an antidote, damaged by the use of chemical products and straightening. Apart from hair restoration, it is also used in treating dandruff. Stack your shelf with oils infused with coriander seeds.


Don’t let the prickly bitter leaves of this plant misguide you; Aloe Vera is a repository of amino acids and enzymes that promote hair growth. It also fights itchiness of the scalp by restoring the pH balance. Make a leave-in conditioner by mixing some water and Aloe Vera in equal proportions with a few drops of essential oil.

Every time you walk through an aisle, stacked with dizzyingly countless products, make sure that these essentials are found in the products you choose to use.

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