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The A-Z Guide to Vedaearth Essential Oils (Part 4)

The A-Z Guide to Vedaearth Essential Oils (Part 4)

What Not To Do

IOur Vedaearth essential oils have been tested and guaranteed to produce positive results. And over the course of the last three blogs, we have meticulously researched and presented ways to use them properly. However, there are certain things to remember and not do with essential oils.

So, without further ado, here’s what NOT to do!

  1. Apply directly to your body

    In our first blog, we spoke about how essential oils need to be combined with carrier oils like almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil in order to be applied to any part of the body. Remember that essential oils are concentrated ‘essences’ of the plant and using them directly on your body can lead to rashes or burns.

  2. Use when pregnant

    Essential Oils are concentrated in nature and the impact they have on babies are not fully known. We recommend you avoid using Essential oils during pregnancy and to be extra sure, please check with your OB-GYN.

  3. Use essential oils on children

    Diluted or undiluted, using essential oils on young children for skin and hair can be a risk. While it may be safe beyond a certain age (perhaps after the age of 13 or post-puberty), please check with a medical professional about whether our essential oils can be used for your children.

  4. Use for consumption or in food

    Since these oils are extracted directly from the plant, our essential oils are strictly for external use. Consuming essential oils, which are potent in their natural form, is poisonous and can lead to renal failure. So please be sure not to add them to your food! To use any kind of plant-based essence in food, please check and ensure that the product specifies that it is edible.

With this we conclude our series on Essential Oils. You can check out our earlier blogs in the series that cover topics related to using Essential Oils, approaching a diffuser and pairing different oils together.

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