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Failure is fun - Sudha Murthy

Failure is fun - Sudha Murthy

From being the only woman in her Engineering college to being the first female engineer at Telco, Sudha Murthy has shattered glass ceiling time and time again. Read what she has to say:

You were the first woman engineer to work at Telco. Tell us about your journey there and first day on the job?

It was very unusual, but I wasn’t really scared. I studied in a college where I was the only girl in my class. So I knew what it’s like to be the only lady in unknown circumstances. My first day at Engineering college was way more difficult than my first day at work. Things get difficult when you have great expectations from them. So I don’t set high expectations for anything. I just go for it and take things as they come. It was a very different experience, but I expected that to some extent.

Has the fear of failure stopped you from doing anything? If so what?

Not at all! On the contrary, I love trying new things. The fear of failure doesn’t stop me from trying anything new. It doesn’t matter. Failures have their own set of lessons which are non-redeemable. You will not forget them. So always try new things and never succumb to the fear of failure.

If you could make a 30 second speech to the world, what would it say?

*Laughs* Normally I don’t give speeches because I feel like I am a very ordinary person. There is nothing that I could tell anybody in the world. However for the sake of this question, I say “live happily, live with a good value system and live with a strong bond to your country”. These are a few things I’d like to tell everyone.

Ok, anything specific for the women of today?

Work hard and save time. Use that time for the betterment of yourself.

#pressforprogress is all about celebrating women who have pushed their boundaries and made a difference to the society or for themselves. Is there someone inspirational that you would like to talk about?

No, I am not inspired by any one person in particular. My attitude towards life is my inspiration. I like trying anything different as long as it is morally and ethically correct. So my attitude towards life is to accept failures, try new things, learn from your failures, learn from your success and share it with people. This attitude is what keeps inspiring me.

Change is constant. It involves entering into a new area which is something I always like. Often I get bored with routine and really enjoy changes.

Is there any particular area that you think requires change, which will help it improve?

I feel our attitudes should change. We talk a lot about equality but nothing is really equal. We should come out of our own cage or own cocoon and look around and learn. Learn good things. For Example: Bhanoo Badrani pashayanthu, i.e. the Rigveda says “let all noble thoughts come from all directions” . We should come out of our comfort zone and learn more. For me, learning is joy.

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