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Beauty with mind, body and soul: Dr. Saritha Jain

Beauty with mind, body and soul: Dr. Saritha Jain

There are cosmetics that you use for your skin. And then there is skincare that can heal your mind, body and soul. Wait, what! Isn’t beauty skin-deep? Not if you talk to Dr Saritha Jain. The Ayurveda and Aromatherapy expert who has practised her trade for 27 years believes in taking a more wholesome, back-to-basics approach to beauty. Dr Saritha Jain who has played a significant role in researching the pure vegan extracts that make VedaEarth shares her views in a candid conversation.

We know Ayurveda. And we are aware of aromatherapy. What do we get when we combine the two?

Think of it like taking the benefits of one and doubling it by adding the other. The combo provides a long term healing. While Ayurveda works on healing your body, essential oils based on aromatherapy creates an all-round well-being. Your skin is not just healing externally- you feel fresher, more rejuvenated because the oils work at a deeper, more sensory level. The extracts enhance your mood through a healing effect on the senses.

What do you think has been the uptake of Ayurveda in India?

You see the benefits of these practices as you travel to rural India where they use Ayurveda as a basis for healthy living. We saw the west adopt many of our Ayurvedic practices. Urban India is also now tuning into the benefits. The effects of stress, pollution and artificial ingredients in products we use are driving young people to try things which are closer to nature, are in sync with our hormone balance.

Why vegan?

Because that is the natural most state for human beings. A vegan diet has been known to flush out toxins and help keep harmful effects of cholesterol in check. Vegan skin care also works most naturally on our skin. They counter common skin problems like Acne. Animal based products are not in sync with our overall balance or hormonal makeup. Also as people with heart, most of us would like to stay away from products tested on animals or made with animal fats. When the vegan alternative is so much better for your skin.

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