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Demystifying bath salt: A complete guide to a divine and relaxing dip!

Demystifying bath salt: A complete guide to a divine and relaxing dip!

‘Sometimes there are a few odd weekends when all you wish to do is take a long relaxing hot bath and feel rejuvenated. After all, shower time still precedes all other alternatives of finding a bit of solitude in your life. It’s that moment when you want to simply transpire into a world of your own and feel your muscles unwind. What if I was to reveal a small secret that will not only make you feel like you are in a paradise but also give power to your mind? It is time to uncover the extraordinary benefits of these colourful crystals, called bath salts.

Soothing sea water baths are one of the life’s little joys. These small crystals trace their history back by thousand years when the therapeutic importance of seawater was first discovered by Hippocrates. He observed healing effects of these magical salts on injured hands of fishermen.

Using Bath Salts is as simple as soaking the crystals in a warm bucket of water and dipping your feet in it. Let me give you six compelling reasons to immerse yourself in a Himalayan Salt Bath:


Humans involuntarily invite toxins from the simplest of exposures- food, water, surroundings, and air. Daily, you encounter millions of different toxic chemicals. When you take a bath with invigorating sea salts, these toxins are pulled out of your skin through a process called reverse osmosis.


Sore muscles, stiff joints, stained tissues and a variety of other nominal daily aches can be cured by taking a saline bath. These salts help in reducing inflammation and release accumulating lactic acids. Whenever you feel the strain in your muscles, consider adding bath salts to your shower


Tired after a long, challenging week at work? You must switch off your mind, enjoy some peace and take a long soothing warm bath. It will not only help you melt away your worries but also give you a perfect excuse to catch up with your half-finished novel or a good refreshing nap!


Seawater has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which avoid infection and help you exfoliate your body. Bath Salts have mineral content that helps maintain a protective layer on the skin. You can bid goodbye to those unruly wrinkles on your skin and embrace smoothness with this simple trick!


Himalayan Pink salt helps your skin soak up minerals from the water- including calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, and zinc – a perfect recipe for a healthier lifestyle. So, the next time you decide to take a dip in this magical water, be sure to leave all your worries behind.


Do you often experience numbness in legs or feeling of coldness in muscles? These are warning signs of poor circulation. A warm salt bath is all you need to recover yourself. It causes arteries to expand, giving more space for blood to flow. It also helps in getting rid of accumulated cellulite- another issue faced due to poor circulation.

Now that we have six good reasons to take a dip in the warm seawater, it is time to discover the right way to go about this experience. The following steps will lead your stairway to paradise:

Firstly, select a bath salt with the right ratio of salt to water. Integrate your selection with your preferences to ensure that you get a bath salt according to your skin type.

Secondly, the temperature is an important factor! The objective should be to keep it as close to your body temperature as you can- maintaining at approximately 37 degrees Celsius.

Wondering about the quantity? Simply take a handful in your palm and allow the warm water from the faucet to flow through your hands. The salts are soluble and will quickly dissolve to give you an exhilarating experience.

Finally, the duration of the bath should preferably last for at least 20-30mins, giving you enough time to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

Prepare yourself for a heavenly treat and take a dive into the magical waters of the powerful sea.

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