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A bath is all it takes

A bath is all it takes

Why Bath Salts are extremely underrated and could just be what you need

A long day at work can be exhausting. All you can think about is getting back home and putting your feet up. Here’s an alternative –put them in a bucket of warm water with bath salts instead. This will not only relax your body and mind, it also promotes better health.

Draw yourself a warm bath and indulge with bath salts. Get transported to a state of nirvana and transcendence without a worry in the world.

The science behind beautiful skin

Bath salts benefit your skin in many ways. When used correctly, bath salts contain many effective minerals and nutrients that keep your skin soft, supple and smooth. These minerals get readily absorbed into your pores and thereby purify and cleanse your skin on a molecular level. This leads to the skin having an accentuated radiance, tone, texture, and appearance.

The minerals in bath salts cause the pulmonary arteries to expand, thereby leading to an enhanced circulation of blood to the muscles in the body. This relaxes the muscles. The increased blood flow also reduces the blood pressure, resulting in lesser stress.

Pamper yourself

Bath salts are among the few wellness products that are both cosmetic and therapeutic in nature. The minerals in bath salts are known to cure aches and sore muscles. Precisely why a warm soak is recommended post-workouts. The anti-inflammatory properties of these salts alleviate soreness from sprains and bruises.

Your skin deserves a good exfoliation from time to time. Bath Salts can easily remove dead cells, helping your skin to look healthier and feel softer. Users can feel free to use this treatment on hands, feet, and everything in between.

The medical benefits

Bath Salts also help detox the skin. Bathing in a solution of warm water and bath salts will work to draw out impurities, pollutants, toxins, oil, dirt and sweat from the skin. They help in the process of healing dry skin, making your skin smooth and supple. Salts can also help in getting rid of common irritations such as insect bites, minor rashes, and calluses on feet, as well as more serious skin conditions like athlete's foot, eczema, and psoriasis.

They work wonders for those with cellulite or puffy skin as well. The minerals in these salts have negative ions that pull minerals and nutrients towards them, finally luring them into your bloodstream, where they help carry the toxins away from your body through the lymphatic system.

Bath Salts are all-encompassing. Whether it’s stress from work, pains and aches or just a bad mood, a soothing dip in a warm bath with the right bath salt has an almost magical effect on the body.

The Vedaearth Solution

With the advent of technology, our days are getting longer and our lifestyle, unhealthier. In this fast paced ecosystem, no one has the time to visit a spa every single time they’re stressed out or depressed. How simple would it be if the solution to all this was something as simple as a bath? And it is!

Our range of Himalayan bath salts are designed to turn your day on its head. Be it our Mood up Bath Salt for stress, Our Relaxing Bath Salt for stress or our Pain Relief Bath Salt, we’ve got you covered.

For when everything is wearing you down and you feel dull and listless, a quick dip is all it takes to put the spring back into your life.

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